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Journeyman III

Upgrade to Windows 11

I am trying to find out if my AMD A10-7850K Radeon 7 processor is compatible with an upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10.  The Microsoft Healthcheck says that TPM 2.0 is not turned on.  I went through all of my UEFI Bios settings and couldn't find anything labeled as Advanced Security or Trusted Computing.  So the simple is question is am I doing something wrong, or is this processor not compatible with Windows 11, requiring a swap out to a compatible processor?  Thanks!

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No, you will need to upgrade to a Ryzen Zen+ Processor (AM4 Socket Motherboard).


Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll stick with what I've got for a while.


The FM2+ socket is already too old and there are no motherboards that support TPM 2.0 on that socket, you'll have to upgrade to at least AM4 socket (as already mentioned) to have TPM 2.0 required by Windows 11. This means buying new CPU, new DDR4 RAM, and probably a new CPU cooler (although, some old coolers might still fit in the newer layout).

On a side note, don't rush to update to Windows 11, it's not really worth it (this is just personal opinion).

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Thanks very much for the quick reply.  I'll take your advice and stick with what I've got for a while.