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Journeyman III

Updated X570 Pro - USB Not Working with HP Reverb G2

I've been struggling for over 2 weeks now with my 2021 pc built with USB not recognizing the HP Reverb G2 VR Headset I just got. The headset is acting like is not plugged in at all. No sound, no effect. USB plugs on the MB work with other devices like mouse, webcam, etc but it doesn't recognize the Reverb G2.

My System: - Bought in March 2021 New from store
CPU: AMD 5900x
Mb: Asus TUF X570 Pro - Bios: 4002

What I did:
- Restart PC (many times), check all cables and connections.  - not a fix!
- I've updated Bios, Cipsed, and USB drivers - not a fix! 
- Installed PCI-e USB 3.0 INATEC expansion board  /  Installed an external powered USB Hub - With both devices, WMR randomly connects and disconnects my Reverb G2 and shows "Welcome to Windows Mixed Reality - Connect your headset". two seconds later, the headset reconnects - WMR starts, then 15 seconds later it disconnects again... And windows is making the same sound as you unplug a USB device. - not a fix!

At this point, all I can do is to switch back to Intel, but before that, I wanna hear what AMD has to say about those issues and how can I have them fixed.

Please help!!!!


While I was creating this post. because Labels are not marked as "Required" and I had to do Captcha twice, when trying to post this question I've got the error message "Post flooding detected (user tried to post more than 1 message within 600 seconds)". I didn't even post this question, is not live, how come you ask me not to post more often than 600 seconds if this is my 1st question ever and it didn't even go through. What's wrong with this forum?


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Journeyman III

Having the same issue after following the same steps. Anyone coming back to us in this issue?


Yes, I was able to find a solution and make it work perfectly without any issues, by buying a PCI-E USB Expansion Card, more exactly the:

Startech PEXUSB3S44V 4 Port PCI Express (PCIe) SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Card Adapter w/ 4 Dedicated 5Gbps Channels


I know this card is not cheap, but is all worth the price! Totally recommended!


- AMD sux pretty bad and they are totally useless when it comes to customer support, this is clearly my last AMD pc, I don't recommend them! Is time for them to fall behind again unless they get back to us when we have problems with their products....