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Journeyman III

Unsupport processor and windows 11

Hi, I plan to update my system to windows 11, but I have an unsupported AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor. TPM and secureboot agree, but there is a problem with the processor. As far as I know, win 11 had quite a lot of problems with AMD processors. Nevertheless, I once decided to update the system to windows 11 and unfortunately it resulted in very low performance and high temperatures, which made me return to windows 10. I know that there were quite a lot of updates and the system is now stable and I wonder again whether to return to it via a file ISO? AMD has released an update for the ryzen processors on windows 11 to fix the L3 cache problem. However, my CPU is not on the list, so will this update work and the system will be more stable? It's just that win 11 looks good, but I don't want to install it at the expense of performance.

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Your processor is a ZEN or ZEN1 processor which isn't supported by Windows 11. You must have a ZEN+ or newer processor.

You can upgrade to Windows 11, but in the past, Microsoft has stated that it won't support any computers with Windows Updates  on unsupported PCs like yours.

The AMD Ryzen fix for poor performance has already be done by AMD and Microsoft via Windows and BIOS updates.

So when you installed Windows 11 in your laptop it probably already had the L3 Cache fix included and if your BIOS is the latest version it should also already have the fix included unless it is a BIOS Version older than before Windows  11 came out to the public.




Unfortunately, Lenovo has never released any bios update and I downloaded the system itself before this patch. I do not know if I can download this patch since it says that it is not supported on win 11 with  AMD ryzen 5 2500u.