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Adept III

Trying to get an RMA for a 5950x : Worst customer support experience ever

Initially felt like a lucky guy I could get a 5950x on release day, but now slowly starting to regret joining team red with that new config ...

Sure, this is a new product and sh*t happens, but getting such an unresponsive support (rma ticket open for almost a week, no progress whatsoever despite repeated calls to (what appears to be sales only) support) really make for a bad experience slowly getting me to think "never amd again" as days pass without being able to use my new 4K$ rig and getting me to think it might take weeks if not months as even a first answer to an rma ticket can take up to (more then ?) a week !

Ticket number is  8201025574, please help me @Matt_AMD, you're my only hope !



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Adept III

Finally got my rma approval last night ... hopefully it doesn't take too long now, will report on progress / timelines for those interested

Had to RMA mine too. Did a request but in the end I sent it back to the vendor today to just get my money back and buy a new one. I didn't get a reponse from AMD for 3 days so I just said i would return it

Opened my rma request last saturday to get an approval (no answer/questions from them in between) last night, so 3 days was a bit optimistic it seems ...

Nevertheless, if your reseller took it back for a refund and you're confident/not in a hurry to be able to source another one, that's definitely the faster route (provided you got/know a shope that got another one readily available tho, those seem pretty rare still )

Yea , idk...

I maybe didn't take the best choice but whatever... I had the chance to send it back and get my money back and alot of people told me to rather do that than sending it in for RMA , cause that could take a long time , and since I only had a few days left before I wasn't able anymore to send it back , I just took the choice to send it back and hope for a restock in the upcoming days.

Maybe sending to the rma at amd and getting a replacement would have been much easier and a secured processor at the end but yea... i did what most people told me to do ...

to be fair I would probably have done the same as you, possibly taking it a step further as said in another thread if I've had the option, tho I bought my cpu from directly so it wouldn't have been any faster to ask for a refund ...

Adept I

Same here sir also 5950x, also first time team red and such a let down.

All the press spitting on intel but at least their customer service is worth something.

My ticket is from last saturday.

@knubb wrote:

Same here sir also 5950x, also first time team red and such a let down.

All the press spitting on intel but at least their customer service is worth something.

"Fun" fact there is that intel brought that to them because of panic moves on being the top performer in (badly manipulated) benchmarks when they could just have waited and let amd get the heat of WHEA errors and 900$ lemon CPU customers have to fight to get rma's in a timely manner  ...

A CPU can only be the best performing one if it actually performs in your computer ... a defective CPU is merely a (very expensive AND way too light for the job) paperweight, even if it got the best benchmarks all over the internet ...

As you said, very expensive


quick update : as per DHL, amd received my cpu yesterday. They only acknowledged it today after I called support again and sent me a note that the cpu have been tested and rma approved and that I should get another mail "soon" once they send the replacement ...

really hate that they don't give a better timeline for returning one ... hope it's just a badly worded email ...

Will keep you guys posted on the progress

New update ; a week after they received my CPU and 3 new tickets later :

"We have received the faulty return under RMA XXXXXXXXXX and replacement is pending due to no stock

We already initiated stock replenishment, we request your understanding and cooperation in this regard
Replacement will shipped to your given address up on arrival of stock receipt on priority"

This is infuriating, especially after specifically asking (and being refused) for options such as cross-ship to minimize downtime of a computer i need to work, now I'm supposed to be understanding and cooperative ? REALLY AMD ?!  ...

Really goes a long way in setting up the decision tree for my next computer builds (and any advice i'll be asked about getting one by customers, friends and family) for the next 10 years 

Will update when they finally decide I can get back to work ...

Be aware that new BIOS versions are being released that seem to resolve many of the issues that we have all been experiencing with the 5950X. You might not have a fully CPU.

After a week of pain, the latest BIOS finally gave me stability earlier today. :)


CPU wasn't even getting in BIOS in my case, justy a black screen and a red light saying CPU Error on the motherboard (also tested the motherboard in store with a 5600x they had and it worked well, so not a bios issue there unfortunately ...)


Another quick update on the RMA process itself : just got a mail today offering a possibility to send me another CPU while waiting for my RMA that is expected to take 2 to 3 more weeks before AMD themselves can put their hands on a 5950x that they can send me for RMA ...

While i really do appreciate the offer (not sure where it originated too, so many thanks to modos here if they did anything about it, tho it might also be the sheer number of support tickets i opened/calls i logged with AMD to tell them i need a computer to work ASAP too, or just a support rep going the extra mile because he felt like it was holiday season, guess I'll never know) and hope they send one in a timely manner, I'm also quite aghast by the fact it took amd so long to acknowledge that it would be so very long(er) to get a replacement and offer an alternative solution / would have loved such an offer to come 2 weeks ago when they initially pretended that a new one would be sent "immediately upon receiving and testing the dead one"



How dreadful! I'm sorry you had to go through so much trouble for one warranty claim.

If it helps, I have gone through similar frustration with my 5800X so far—while AMD has not yet sent me an RMA number and given me the green light to ship my chip back to them, I'm currently on day 16 of my warranty claim process, and nine days have passed since the company initially replied to me—so like you, I've had to create another warranty claim to reference the original, in order to get AMD's attention once again.

I truly hope you get your money's worth eventually—the 5950X is a very expensive processor and it's harrowing that AMD hasn't done its due diligence for you.


I am on the same as you guys, i kniw from DHL the cpu hasalready been delivered and it sits there for 3 weeks and nothing happens .. just one reply to my mamy mails to them that i should not worry .. this is really sad part of AMD indeed and this makes me convinced not to buy amd product anymore


Hello can you help me? My customer send the faulty cpu ryzen 9 5900x as RMA to amd factory. They answer to us that received the cpu and waiting for check it and nothing happens from then to now. 2 months waiting what happening? You know? Send a lot of emails they say still waiting for check it. Is that normal that 2 months? From November...