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TR 2950X Bad Performance while Streaming Battlefield 5

I'm having getting sub 30 FPS when trying to stream BF5.

My specs (2950x, 1080 TI, Win 10):

Concurrently running applications:

  • Battlefield 5
  • OBS
  • Zoom Video (To send/recieve video to another streamer for dual cams)
  • Chrome (Twitch Chat)
  • Discord (Voice chat with squad)

I'm running optimized defaults in the bios (excepting some memory settings) But the TR seems to top out between 50-70% cpu load on 3.91 GHz when gaming and streaming.

Here's what task manager and performance look like while i've got it all going on:

Any ideas to get my cpu to boost higher, or get better load distribution? It doesn't make sense to me that a game should be lagging when the CPU isn't even under full load.

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Big Boss

strejl, please post a screenshot of the latest Ryzen Master (RM).  Enjoy, John.


Will do! I'll grab a screenshot when i stream after work tonight.


Here you go! This is just from running battlefield. Didn't get a chance to get everything running at once tonight. but even with only BF running, it's 3.9 GHz, and it isn't able to get above around 120 fps (the limit is set to 200). RyzenMaster screenshot: Turning PBO on doesn't help much either.


Thanks, strejl.  There is an image icon at the top of the reply window that is easy to use and does not involve a third party.  We need to know more about your system: HW, OS and BIOS.  Your CPU voltage looks very low.  I see that you are on an OC profile in Ryzen Master (RM).  Have you set the core voltage?  It looks like you have lots of headroom for OCing.  I am not an OCer, do you intend to OC?  Thanks and enjoy, John.


Watched a video on how to enable Core Performance Boost in the bios. (Ryzen Threadripper 2950X: Overclocking w/ PBO - Part 5 - YouTube) That thing is like 3 levels deep in the menus in a totally unobvious place. My cores go up to around 4.1 now, but still don't quire not how to get the advertised Max Boost Clock of 4.4GHz out of the TR. I'm running Windows 10. Don't have the bios version off hand, but the hardware specs are in the original post.


In my opinion, it can be various reasons.

My first guess would be the Nvidia GPU Driver may be causing the FPS drop in the game. Need to ask in Nvidia Forum and see if any other users are having the same problems with BF5. Possibly you may need to configure Nvidia Settings Panel for the game to work correctly.

Second guess would be to configure your Motherboard BIOS/UEFI to make the Rzyen work more efficiently. There are two settings in BIOS/UEFI that boosts the Ryzen CPU during heavy loads.

Third guess, If you are using G-sync Monitor with G-sync activated or not. (G-Sync it comparable to AMD FreeSync).

Last guess, visit BF5 for any updated Patches that may help your issues or ask in their forum for suggestions for the best settings using Ryzen and Nvidia GPU card.

One more thought, 3rd party software conflict. I have read that DISCORD sometimes causes problems with running games.

I've experienced this issue with multiple GPU drivers. I can check the nvidia control panel for any setting to adjust.

Which bios settings should i pay particular mind to?

No sync monitor here. Just a basic 1080 60.

I'll see if i can run some elimination tests to rule out software.



This tech site gives good information on how to increase FPS in a game:


just downloaded the latest Nvidia GPU Driver for GTX 1070. This is the latest fixes included:

Not sure if the last one still applies to Desktops running 3D Games but for Laptops it fixed an issue where the game dropped below 30 FPS. Plus some issue with Battlefield V game.

Newest driver didn't increase performance.


strejl, are you intending to OC?  Please see this explanation of memory distribution.  You might try Dynamic Local Mode.  If you do please let us know the results with RM screenshot(s).  Thanks and enjoy, John.