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Journeyman III

TR 1920x stutters, and only heavily OC'ing helps somewhat

My TR 1920x stutters terrible. Most of the time really small micro-stutters (<100ms) which make the system appear to be in slow-motion, sometimes just a normal ~500ms lag, and rarely (once a hour) everything stands still for 3s. Only OC'ing my CPU to 4.1+ GHz and my RAM to 3600MHz helps somewhat since the stutters don't get less frequent, but they are way shorter. However running the system at these speeds is not really sustainable.

The freeze occurs system-wide, nothing will move, the sound output stops, numlock doesn't work, and IT CAN NOT BE MONITORED. No FPS drops, no CPU spikes, no high disk usage, it's crazy.

Interestingly enough, the lags occur the most directly after startup, especially if I start many programs parallel. The stutters really feel like the system is waiting for an I/O-operation, like back in the days when your games would stutter because it needed to load data from the HDD. But I tried different storages and it makes 0 difference.

-CPU-Z sometimes show BUS speed drops down to 6MHz, if I OC the BUS to 110MHz it drops to 10Mhz. The CPU speed jumps down shortly after. However, this happens pretty rarely and is so short in time i can barely even see it. I guess it's just a bug in CPU-Z?

-Stuttering appears even directly after clean windows install without any drivers installed

-Temps are low and the stuttering occurs 100% random, independent from CPU, GPU, Storage or Network load

-Bought different RAM, used only 1, 2 or all 4 Sticks, tried different slots, different speeds, timings, voltages

-Disabled HPET, AMD cool'n'quiet, SMT and lots of other stuff i can't even remember

-Disabled paging file, indexing, Windows defender and lots of other stuff i can't even remember

-Swapped out literally every component in the system except for the Mainboard and CPU

-Installed newest drivers (for gpu and chipset), installed older drivers

    CPU: AMD Ryzen TR 1920X @4GHz
    Motherboard: Msi X399 SLI Plus
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon VII
    Ram: 4x16GB 3200Mhz Crucial
    PSU: Corsair RM1000i
    Monitor1: AOC Agon AG251FZ, full HD 240Hz via DP
    Monitor2: Some old stuff, full HD 60Hz via HDMI

    Storage: M.2 500GB Samsung 970evo, 1TB Samsung 860evo, 3TB HDD

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