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Adept I

too easy to get up to 790% usage of 5950x

i have 5950x on x570s and 2700x on x470, both are the higher CPU at the time. so comparing with 5950x recently brought, i didn't find any performance raised , and esp finding much more worst than what i have experience on 2700x, both use the same HW, like same GPU, RAM etc all the same, i just replace CPU and MB only. and i google it , many reviews also are talking about how bad on "thread " working on 5950x or 5xxx series. whatever i can feel it and didn't have any improvement after upgrade from 8c16t to 16c32t. first, the physical of CPU should be more powerful , CPU benchmark do give 4xk (5950x)VS 1.7k(2700x), i think it should be something lie on chipset software etc. i hope to see it give more powerful expereience on 5950x as it is 16c32t, i can said on handbrake, it do give some stable and some higher FPS than 2700x, but not so much or just 30-40 FPS, 

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