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Journeyman III

ThreadRipper2 and VMware

I might have overlooked similar answers and some seem 2 years old.... So asking this way... I am new to AMD and am seriously interested in building a system... My intentions for this system is strictly a VMware home lab for studying..

as many  cores as possible within budget, same with Ram, same with SSD space

I would like to run Linux Mint Matte as the base OS with Vmware Workstation 15 riding on top of that.... Then I would like to 

run within VMware Workstation 15 a couple of ESXI 6.7 machines, a Citrix environment UnityVSA, and Server 2019.....

Most of the threads talking about Ryzen's problems with ESXI are old... with this Generation 2 has all that been solved? I am really liking the price point per core for AMD, but I want to make sure I can run all my VMs.... Anyone have recent relevant information regarding  this generation AMD and VMware e.g. nested virtualization and ESXI 6.7 UNITY VSA etc. etc.

Thank you for any help/advice...


I would also be curious about this upcoming release of Gen 3 Ryzen.... Would it be worth the wait...