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Adept I

Threadripper PRO 5995WX Retail Availability (US)

Hi all,

Is there any indication of when the 5995WX will be available for retail in the US? I noticed the 5975WX on Amazon and other retailers last week after the review embargo lifted on 8/8, but I still haven't seen the 5995WX yet. Hoping to get one, but I might go for the 5975WX if it looks like I'll have to wait indefinitely. I haven't seen the other 5000 series Threadripper PRO processors either. Thanks for your insights!

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Big Boss

wang9609, just checked, Amazon says they have 4. Enjoy, John.

I've seen that 3rd-party listing, but the description says 3995WX while the title says 5995WX. It's also ~$3k above MSRP.



According to several articles the new ThreadRipper 5000WX Series processors for the time being are OEM Type and sold to Computer Manufacturers like Lenovo and Dell for Pre-Built computers (

So you won't see any in Retail stores until AMD makes them available as a Retail CPUs and not a OEM CPU like it is for now.


Thanks for the article, but it is a little outdated. Several articles and reviews were posted on 8/8/22, which was when the review embargo lifted and the 5000 series Threadripper PROs supposedly went retail. See, for example:

The 5975WX is available on Amazon (sold by at MSRP of $3299, not some third-party used or markup), as well as Microcenter and other retailers. And yet the 5995WX and 5965WX are not listed at any of these retailers for MSRP, even though they *should* be on retail now.


Take the advice of elstaciMVP.  This processor has not been released for retail market yet.  Read any and all specs of any you may find at this time.  Ebay has several listings but details of specs "used".  If these are used processor not released for retail market yet, that should be a big red flag.  Ask yourself; "where did they get these processors?".

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

Thanks for your thoughts; see my reply to elstaciMVP for more current info.


ElasticiMVP posted an outdated article and the OP is 100% correct.  I myself have also been searching for a 5995wx since the retail release.

Adept II

Woow good luck man My dream workstation CPU still rocking a TR 1950X still loving it

Adept I

Well Newegg now has a 5995wx available, but like Amazon, it is thousands of dollars over MSRP.

I'm tempted to wait for Zen 4 Epyc at this point, but I have a suspicion supply will be F'ed on those too.

WiredZone has them listed for near MSRP but they are not exactly in stock - it is MFG Drop Ship.  I went ahead and placed an order though, we'll see what happens.  Still can't believe the scarcity on these things.


Well that's a no go too.  MFG out of stock, no ETA.