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Threadripper 3960X Build wont Post, hung at DRAM LED

Two PC build so all parts were bought at the same time and same specs.

Threadripper 3960X

EVGA 280 CCL cooler


128GB HyperX Predtor DDR4 3200

Corsair CM750M power supply

M2. NVME 512GB


First PC Build  went flawlessly and booted first try. Installed windows and runs without issue.

The second was quite different. no Post on first try, AORUS Board only has 4 LED as debug. LED Hung at DRAM LED. I have taken the following troubleshooting steps

1. removed all ram inserted one stick- hung at DRAM LED

2. tried all 8 ram sticks individually and dual - hung at DRAM lED

3. tried (2) different sets of ballistic sport DDR 4 ram- hung at DRAM LED

2. CMOS battery reset - hung at DRAM LED

3. CMOS Jumper Reset - hung at DRAM LED

4. removed CPU checked for bent pins, none noted replaced CPU/Cooler - hung at DRAM LED

5. Removed CPU and placed it into the good working rig. - still hung at DRAM LED

At this point I am fairly convinced that the CPU is bad or fried? I tried most standard fixes and even swapped the chip into the other build that I did with the same issue. Any other ideas or troubleshooting I can attempt before returning?

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Big Boss

j_ritter, I suspect you are correct and should request an RMA from AMD.  BTW, I suspect your power supply is too skinny and will not cut the mustard under heavy load with 128GB memory.  I have 1250 Watt on my 3970X which is admittedly a little excessive.  Enjoy, John.


Sounds like you received a defective AMD Processor since it had the same exact problem on two different motherboards. 

Have you checked your Motherboard's RAM QVL List? 

All Hyper-X 3200 RAM Memory is compatible on 4 slots only in case you tried to use all 8 slots. But that is besides the point because you tried with one RAM Memory with the same results.

If the Retailer's Warranty is not in effect and or they won't replace it under Warranty, Try AMD Warranty Request and try to RMA it with them or you just can open a Warranty Ticket to ask their opinion from here: 

In case your interested, I have attached the QVL List for your RAM from your motherboard's Download site.

FYI Only: Your Nvidia Titan X GPU card requires a minimum PSU wattage of at least 600 Watts for total system power plus the TDP Wattage for your CPU is 280 Watts. So with the setup you have you may consider upgrading your 750 Watt PSU to a higher wattage to prevent power issues under very heavy loads to be on the safe side. But it may be adequate for just normal computing. Just my opinion.