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Adept II

Threadripper 1920X overclocking steps for single-core performance ?

Hello everyone !

I have a Threadripper 1920X CPU (1st generation, 12 cores / 24 threads)  with a Radeon RX Vega 64 card, and the game I play, World of Warcraft, is limited by CPU single-core performance. Depite the producer (Blizzard) annonced years ago that they will introduce multi-core support for the game.

In closed scenes I can get 140 FPS or more, but most of the time FPS is anywhere between 60 and 140 (capped there since my monitor is 144 Hz). I suppose this is also because of the game addons, I use IceHud and I noticed with some computer that it impacted FPS directly, but they are significant for the game play I can not just throw them away.

So I'd like to ask is there such a thing as overclocking for single-core performance ? Unfortunately my CPU generation is not popular for single-core usage. I hear the next gen CPUs will improve that (base frequency), but I already bought mine now. Fortunately the CPU is known for overclocking rather well, but my previous attempts at full-cores OC where ...unsuccessfull, the CPU will eventually freeze under load for a sufficient amount of time using a mining client for test.

So is there please some documentation or guidelines on how to overclock from AMD or from Gigabyte (motherboard manufacturer) ?

Can I expect better overclocking results by disabling the CPU threads and as many cores as I can ? Or is it pointless ?

Shoud I keep remaining cores on the same CCX for faster inter-core communication, or should I split remaining over the two CCX for better heat dissipation ? Are there other options to improve CPU single core ? Like what does the Gaming Mode in RyzenMaster do for gaming ?

Thank you,
Adrian Vasile Constantin

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