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Journeyman III

ThMy Ryzen 2600x Just died...

I got this cpu for about 5 months, the cpu led is on on the motherboard everytime i power it on, windows 10 is in an infinite loading circle, windows 10 repair is never able to finish and restarts the computer / windows 10 loading everytime.*I can not even access advanced windows 10 tools to try something else.

I had no issue with the computer until i decided to restart it and then, i wasn't able to reboot anymore and that cpu led on the motherboard keeps being red...

I had a ryzen 7 1700 going bad this exact same way in august, i thought it overheated but it was watercooled all throughout the summer,  what i find odd is that my ryzen 7 1700 was at least showing signs of stutters before it went dead...

I'm sorry, but, from reading these forums... there are so many people having these issues... So... I know they are cheap for what they are, provide the most value for the money you can think of out there... But... What is going on with your cpu's, amd ? I was working on an indie game and it takes like a month to get a new cpu back from your rma facility in the netherlands out there.

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Did you try resetting the bios before concluding it's dead ? 

I also have the 2600X and had multiple occasions the computer wont start but after a bios reset it works normal again with same settings.

Big Boss

imaginalex, this is a user forum and most posting here are users not AMD employees.  I do not work for AMD.  Please open an AMD Support Ticket and ask them.  I also agree with prodoctor1987 - do a Clear CMOS using your manual as a guide.  If that does not help, you may need to reinstall your OS.  If you have further questions, please post your system specifications.  Enjoy, John.