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Journeyman III

Thermal paste squeezed out at the edge of my processor although its a pre-applied thermal paste Ryzen 5 2600 with wraith cooler

I was setting up my processor on my mobo and it was a little hard for me setting the cooler on top if the processor, it is my first build , i think i over-pressed the cooler on my processor somehow or tightened it hardly and the thermal paste got squeezed a little bit out of one side of the processor , as i just mentioned setting my cooler was hard for me and it took like 30m to 1h to fix it on top , and installing the motherboard in the case was even more pain trying to figure out where are the nails to screw my mobo , so if there anything i can do without removing my mobo out of the pc case and just by removing the cooler, or should i leave it , i mean its not that big but if the paste gets liquefied by temperature then that will cause problems, thanks in advance
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Adept III

You can remove the cooler then clean off the paste with some kitchen paper soaked in isoproponal (or use tissues).

You can use a small screwdriver to put a rice-grain-size blob of thermal paste on the CPU in the middle. Also use it to straighten any bent pins.

Try it without paste so you can practice it.

Renew the paste every 12–18 months. You can get some $2 GD900 paste on It's as good as some of the top pastes.

You can get some $2 GD900 thermal paste on It's as good as some of the top pastes.

Big Boss

j3eeso, I never renew my thermal paste.  It is just asking for trouble and have never had a situation where I thought it was due to TIM problem.  I use Arctic Silver 5, which is old school but has never offered a problem and has a good reputation.  I also do not use screwdrivers on my processor or heat sink, plastic or cloth.  Enjoy, John.