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Journeyman III

Thermal paste became glue?

Well, I installed my Wraith prism cooler on top of my Ryzen 7 2700x which is placed into my MSI B450 PRO GAMING MAX Motherboard a few weeks ago. At the time my temperatures idled around 50-60C which i thought was a little high considering my room is practically an ice block all the time and my other components where quite cool. Today i checked the temperatures and Argus Monitor and Hardware monitor are reading around the high 60C mark. I powered down my PC and unhinged the arms on my cooler and removed my cooler. upon doing so it revealed the whole CPU socket of my motherboard. I looked at my cooler to find my CPU had been almost glued onto the cooler. I gave it a wiggle to no avail and saw that the plastic that holds the metal bracket had snapped off (The tension arm for the CPU). I was a little disheartened but thought it's nothing that some strong non-conductive glue with a high melting point wont fix until I looked at the cpu. the pins had actually been bent a little from where i'd pulled the cooler off. So i tried to find a cause. Everything i did was perfectly normal as i'd had no problem with assembling the exact same setup for my sister. I had to pry the cpu away from the cooler with a piece of thin but strong card that separated the now thermal glue  from both surfaces.

Has anybody else had a problem with the stock thermal paste or the Wraith Prism Cooler?

TL:DR Thermal paste acted as a glue and ripped my CPU from the socket and glued it to the cooler.

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Adept I

Pretty common, considering the Wraith Prism has a large surface that covers the entire surface of the processor.

What you should do to dislodge it is to run some CPU stress test, try OCCT or Prime95 as they do heat up processors really fast. Run it for a few minutes and then power down, you should be able to remove the heatsink with ease.

Journeyman III

Yeah, I just had the exact same issue. 

I also bent the pins from my 2700x unaware that the thermal paste glued completely to CPU; probably one of them got broken.

I really can't believe that they shipped a thermal paste like this! **bleep** AMD.




Stuff like this is why I always prefer to eliminate pads and paste that may ship with a CPU or buy a fanless one that I can apply my own choice of paste to.

It's not that I don't think the factory workers don't try to deliver decent product.

It's just that I personally care more about my chip than a random factory worker does.



What you experienced is fairly common with most Thermal paste that has been in use for a long period of time.

Possibly the higher quality Thermal pastes are less likely to become glue like after several months or years of use.

But one thing that most User may not know is if they remove the CPU Cooler and the User rips out the CPU and damages the pins (Bent or broken) it immediately voids the 3 year AMD Warranty.

Unless the User is able to straighten out the bent pins without breaking them. 

That would be considered to be Customer Error. Also most likely the Motherboard Warranty will also be voided if damaged when the CPU got rip out of its socket. Same reason Customer Error.