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Adept I

The temps are really high with 3700x


I have issues with my new setup based on Ryzen 3700x. I choose to be early adopter after many years sitting on i7-3770K boosted to 4.2GHz because you know - more corez 

Those are the components I bought:

  • Ryzen 3700x (obviously),
  • Asus Prime X570-Pro (newest BIOS),
  • 2x16GB G.Skill 3600MHz RAM (XMP),
  • Fractal Design Define C case.

What I choose to use from previous set up are:

  • MSI 1070 Gaming X,
  • Asus Xonad DX,
  • Noctua NH-U12P SE2,
  • Thermaltake PSU (don't remember exact model but something above 600W for sure).

As for the issues...The main one is how hot the CPU gets. Right now, doing almost nothing, it sits around 55-60°C. After turning comp on it have over 43°C in BIOS itself. Doing anything rise it up to almost 50°C (still in BIOS). So now imagine what happens when I actually stress it out somehow...Using Prime95 makes it jump to 90°C easily. (both HWiNFO and Ryzen Master separately says that) Very, very easily. To the point I have to stop it after short while becaue it was getting to the 95°C limit. I played For Honor last evening and comp froze. I've checked case surroundings and it was so hot that it could be oven instead of PC case.

Reviews showed that stock cooler was doing great job at cooling this CPU to reasonable levels so my Noctua should do the job even better. I did try to reapply cooler thinking that maybe I did something wrong but it didn't help at all. I tried Wrath Prims just for the sake testing it and it still didn't do anything good. I'm back to Noctua. is it possible that there something wrong with my unit?

I did turn off PBO and set the vcore offset to -0.075 and it did help - Prime95 set at 89.9°C and idle is somewhere around 50-55°C. But now my CPU does not boost as marketing said it should which makes my purchase experience quite bad. And it is still way too hot, especially for idle. What will happen when I launch something that uses more cores and at the same time put full load on GPU? Everything will fry?

BTW With PBO turned on vcore is average 1.478V, max 1.531V, min 0.981V (HWiNFO readings).

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Big Boss

draghmar, please do a Clear CMOS then post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (R) - simply drag-n-drop the image into your reply.  Be sure to Enable Temperature on the RM Settings page.  Do not enable any OC application.  What is your power of your PS?  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

I'm having the same issue, 3700x and asus prime 570 pro.
It seems that a lot of 3700x are having really high temps.. mine even got into 90 degrees.

I'm thinking about send mine back to the store..

Yeah I'm thinking that too. I already opened warranty ticket from the place I bought it and now I consider what to do about it because I actually really wanted to everything be simply fine.

hurkies, if you continue to read the answered threads, most if not all of the "high temperatures" are not high at all, but quite normal.  Please open your own thread and post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) - simply drag-n-drop the image into your reply.  Please be sure Temperatures are enabled on the Settings page of RM.  I suspect your temperatures are fine - 90C is fine if your limit is 95C.  Please post your system specifications.  I recommend you talk to AMD before ditching your processor.  Thanks and enjoy, John.


No 90C is not fine. The limit means it's the point of break and not what you should safely achieve. Having good cooling should result in temps that should not exceed 80C at max stress. The fact is in normal conditions it should go anywhere above 70C in load and idle should stays below 45C (I have 55C at the moment of writing this). Those are reasonable values. Why you ask? Because most PCs have other components within PC case that add to the overall temp ambient inside the case. How do you think 90C CPU behave when you would also put load on the GPU? And the chipset and SSDs are also getting hotter and hotter these days.

draghmar, are you a condensed matter physicist?  AMD needs to communicate with you.  Enjoy, John.

EDIT: It is certainly reasonable that you do not like the temperatures.  AMD needs to tell you how the deal with the situation.  I can only report what AMD says is normal.  You can change your system (altered Power Plan) to run much cooler, but at a sacrifice of performance.

0 Likes you're not only evidently AMD's advocate here but also quite rude person.

I don't need a degree in science to use my brain and manage to make conclusions based on observations. I thought I will find help here but I didn't. I only found what marketing says already and someone who tries to assume that it's user fault without any evidence of that...or even quite against evidence.

Does AMD pay you John? 

Why am I not hitting my advertised boost of 4.4Ghz John?

Why does my CPU idle at ridiculous voltages (1.4-1.5v) John?

Why does my 3700x idle at stupid temps 45-55c with a X62 John?

Why does my 3700x default run at 85c with a X62 John?

Then your "advice" is to gimp your CPU by 50% and claim "your CPU is working as intended/designed". 

You're like the band on the Titanic happily playing music acting like nothings wrong while the ships going down. 

Normal? You must be joking? 90 degrees when playing a video game with a water cooler is not 'normal' I've disabled in AMD CBS core boost and my temps when to 37 idle and 57 under load. Enabling core boost and get so much difference is not 'normal'. There must be a bug in ASUS bios or something worse..

I have a CH6 and I hope to god my temps are bugged xD 55oc in bios with a h110i GT with the pump in performance mode and 4x 140mm fans in push pull, front mounted should be enough to keep anything cool. 

Adept I

I have an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, and use a Noctua NH-U12A cooler, and my idles are sitting at between 55-65. However, underload, I don't go above 85.  I do feel that the idle voltage looks a little high sitting at around 1.4V as viewed from CPU-Z with no other monitoring software running except Core Temp 1.14 to show me my temperatures.

I'm pretty sure it is something that will be remedied in a BIOS / AGESA update, but it is concerning, and at this time, as the temperatures here in England are significantly higher than is considered normal (around 35-28 Celcius as I write), the CPU stays closer to 60 than 55.

Come on AMD, this must be fixable, and also Ryzen Master should work with SVM enabled - please, please.

So two key tasks:
1/ Idle voltages and hence idle temperatures

2/ Ryzen master supported when SVM is enabled in bios.


I don't think they've still given us a max voltage, a 100mhz boost and a 7nm shrink and still pretty much at 2700x clock I'd pretty bad, not to mention the big gap in some games vs Intel. 

Adept I

You might find that the post over on Reddit by /u/AMD_Robert is informative and gives you some useful tips to sort out your issues, while waiting for AMD to issue a new AGESA fix that will fix the problems on a more permanent basis.


Hope that helps

Journeyman III

Above 1.5V is way to high. Of course your temps skyrocket.

If your CPU really requires above 1.5V for boost then you sadly lost the silikon lottery. My 3700x auto vid is 1.5V but actual boost voltage is 1.475

AMD might say above 1.5V is fine for short bursts, but my 20 years of experience overclocking Intel and AMD processors tell me it's really way to high for a 7nm process.

So either lower that vcore and live with 4.3Ghz burst or return your CPU.

PS: My 3700x runs 4.3GHz all core oc @ 1.35V, so the excessive voltage required to go from 4.3 to 4.4GHz is really not worth the shorter CPU life, heat and noice output.

Adept II

IF you are using a Wraith Prism cooler, did you enable the "H" High speed mode on the fan.  
There's a small switch on the side of he Wraith Prism cooler that out of the box is set to "L" for low speed. 
Set it to high, and you might also want to go into your BIOS and into the CPU Fan monitor section and change the CPU fan control from PWM to DC. 
PWM is usually smart monitoring, which is fine if you want the CPU to actively control fan speed, usually it works with AMD's Cool and Quiet and usually trying to keep your system quiet as possible and cool. 

OTHERWISE it's better to simply maximize your CPU fan's performance by switching the fan control to DC.  The Wraith will spin louder but your CPU will run cooler.

Adept I

Hi ! I have a 3700x too, the MOBO i use is x570 Aorus elite from Gigabyte. I use the Noctua NH-U12S with a push/pull config. 

My settings are the following :

- Everything on default in bios (exception dose the XMP on the memory and PBO enabled)

- The power profile in windows set to Power Saver ( the windows one not the Ryzen one )

idle voltage 0.969-1.106 and temps as low as 31.9C in a room with 25C ambient.


Performance wise there is no loss since the CPU can reach in full load 1.49V (on single core ), 1.33V ( multi core ) and a temp of 74-76C. I measured with HWinfo64 and stress tested in blender and CB15, CB20

I hope this can be of help. 



Should I install the chipset driver you linked above for my x370 board?   I'm running

Journeyman III

I have the 3700X now for over a month. It runs a little hotter than my 2700X. I have a Dark Rock 4 Cooler.

Idle will be in the low 40's.

Under some load, what I do the most of the day it runs around 50-60.

When I stress it or render video it will stay around 71 degrees C.

I think these are normal values for this CPU.

AMD all the way. Waiting for the RX 6700 for now.