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Journeyman III

The cpu not working 1950x

I changed the cpu cooler from air cooling tower to AIO liquid cooler corsair H150i the PC was working before i change it but after i replaced the AIO cooler the motherboard only orange led is turned on when i turns on the power supply but when i press start button nothing go to work no fans spin nothing runs no error  apperars on the screen i tried to take off rams and connect again checked the cable and tried teh CPU chaisis pin and AIO chasis in in the motherboard but it doesn't works 

AMD threadripped 1950x 

Asus x399 strix e gaming

seasonic focus plus gold 1000 watt

G-skill 3000 mhz cl15 16 gb 

msi GTX 1070ti gaming 

Cooling :Corsair h150i pro 

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