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Journeyman III

The computer refuses to work with RAM in dual channels

The computer refuses to work with RAM in dual channels, constantly reboots after blue screens.
The bios defines two memory sticks, at the bios level there are no problems at all. Memtest86 also runs without errors. But as soon as you start loading Windows, after 5 minutes the blue screens pop up. When you try to run the scf / scannow or dism ... command, it also reboots.
With a memory in one channel, the PC works fine, no matter what stick and slot, I combined them differently.

Image of windows 10 home 1909 from the official site, driver and BIOS of the latest version, all the hardware works for less than a month.

I sent components to the service and they refused to change, since everything is working properly. BUT NO.





PC components:

Asus Prime A320M-K motherboard
AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Processor 3.1GHz / 8MB
Asus PCI-Ex Radeon RX550 AREZ Phoenix 2GB GDDR5 (128bit)
Chieftec Value APB-500B8 500W Bulk

RAM AMD DDR4-2133 4096MB!AplSevZ9mjLUgx8k7W0HdCrqasDz?e=lO4aKw

here are all the latest dump records

Thanks in advance, i hope i finally find solution 

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