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Terrible Stuttering with threadripper 1950x

AMD threadripper 1950x (Chipset drivers from AMD)

Asus Prime-a X399 (Bios 503)

64gb ddr4 3200mhz cl14 tridentZ

Samsung 850 Evo SSD 512gb

HyperX 120gb

EVGA GTX 660sc

WD 2tb HDD

Corsair H100iv2

Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow

Corsair HX 1000w

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Nvidia Drivers 397.31

What i tried to fix the Stuttering :

1- Installing AMD Ryzen Master to launch in gamemode

2- Installing the lastest Asus AI Suite

3- Disabling the HPET

4- Disabling SMT

5- Installing AMD chipset drivers instead of Asus ones

- No results, my mouse lag on the desktop and my computer seems to throtling even if my temp are between 31 to 58 degree in CoreTemp or Ryzen Master.

- My chrome take 3 to 5 seconds to open, my hyperlink in my email take 10 seconds to open. My i7 920 D0 was 3 times faster for a 9 years old CPU.

- I was running my game at 60fps+ with my i7 920 and now with my threadripper 1950x, my games starts at 140fps but slowly drop to 30 fps in less than 2 minutes and the games are unplayable even in game mode.

I'm poor and handicaped, i saved all my pennies for 3 years to build the best CPU i can afford for my Zbrush Workstation. I'm litteraly crying now, even if i am 38 years old. 3000$ spent for something worse than my 9 years old Workstation. Please Help Me !

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