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Journeyman III

Temps on 3700x

So I am running a 3700x on a crosshair vi hero on bios version 7106.  I am using an a240g with an additional 360 rad.  When running prime 95 maximum heat and power stress test the cpu is hitting 85-87C.  Pump and fans running at 100%. made sure to bleed the system of any air and remounted the cpu block 2 times.  Idle bounce from 35c to 57c. I am in an air conditioned room so if anything that should help temps. Strange part is that the air coming out of the rad is not even hot.  

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beck320, without some basic information like what Vendor makes you board, we cannot even guess what is happening.  Please tell us the basic specifications about your system - here is mine as an example:

MSI X399 Creation, Threadripper 2990WX, 3xSamsung SSD 970 EVO RAID0, 4xSSD 960 EVO on
MSI AeroXpander RAID10, 1TB & 500 GB WD Black, G.SKILL Flare X F4-3200C14Q-32GFX,
Windows 10 x64 Pro, EnerMax-MaxTytan-EDT1250EWT, Enermx Liqtech TR4 280 CPU Cooler,
Radeon RX580, Aquantia 10 GbpS Ethernet NIC, UEFI E7B92AMS.130, AGESA SummitPI-SP3r2-

Your processor specifications:

pastedImage_1.jpgPlease post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) - simply drag-n-drop image into your reply.  Thanks and enjoy, John.

Journeyman III

ive come to the conclusion that the beta bios on 300 and 400 series boards are not reading temps correctly. after spending the past 3 days playing with a 3600x on a b350 and a 3700x on a b450 board both on liquid cooling and both hitting 80+c and 3 tubes of thermal paste later..that would be my conclusion. and yes i am having the same issues... fans spin up to max but rads are still cool with cool air blowing out of the back yet ryzen master says its pushing over 85c. 

I would just adjust your fan curves and ignore it until a new bios fix is implemented.