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Adept I

Temperature when working in idle (Ryzen 3 2200G).

Good day. I would like to know what is the normal temperature when working in idle for Ryzen 3 2200G with a box cooler?

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Adept III

Water cooled 24 to 32 Celsius 

Air cooled 28 to 35 Celsius 

Closed case with poor ventilation 35+

Thanks for the information. So, at an air temperature of +25 ... 30 with a weak box cooler in a closed case, a temperature of +43 is normal in idle?


Check the temperature in BIOS at first start for the day when the system is cold, if it goes straight to 43'c within the first couple minutes then i would say that is high, if the computer has been running for an hour in that situation then that would be normal.

take the sides of your case and point a desk fan towards it, check temps in BIOS.

The temperature up to +42 ... 45 rises immediately after starting the computer. What do you think could be the reason? In the AIDA 64 stress test, the temperature rises to 76 degrees and remains stable. ASUS PRIME X470-PRO motherboard, Chieftec A-80 750W power supply, HyperX FURY 2x8GB DDR4 PC4-19200 memory, KINGSTON SA1000M8240G SSD, SilverStone Precision closed case with inlet and outlet fans.


temp rising to 45 immediately with a 2200g would mean the cpu cooler is incorrectly installed. get yourself a tower cooler for your cpu

Yeah, 45 is a little hot for idle.  However, I don't think 76 for a stress test is horrible.  That is the worst situation for the CPU.  Don't forget that Tdie is 90 for this CPU.  You can't go higher than 90, so you still have 14 degrees to work with.  If you don't push your computer to the edge all the time I wouldn't worry about the high end of the CPU temperature.  If you are, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to invest in a more robust cooler.

Back to the idle temperature being high.  Before you go changing things, I would check a few things.  First, check in your bios the CPU fan profile.  It may need to run at a higher speed at lower temperatures.  Also, the bios could be referencing the motherboard temperature, not the CPU temperature, for CPU fan control.  I recommend switching to the CPU temperature to give it better control (if it isn't set that way already).

Finally, and I think the more likely culprit, is the case.  You didn't list a model number, but you said "closed case".  I'm guessing the case you have is similar to the PS10 than the PS15.  The former has practically no openings in the front for airflow, whereas the latter has a mesh front to encourage airflow.  That could be the biggest reason for the high idle temps.  You could add a larger CPU cooler or more case fans, but I suspect the case is the limiting factor with your computer.

I hope that helps.  My personal opinion is your configuration is fine if you are using your PC for gaming a few hours a day.  However, if you're going to be pushing the PC for a long period of time daily, you may want to make some improvements.

Adept II

Don't forget to see how your fan speed is set up in bios as well.  My room is about 23 C and I get idle temps in the low 40s for the 2200G.  I am using the Wraith Stealth cooler and have it in a Be Quiet Silent Base 601 with the front panel on and the fans either at low-medium speed.

I run Boinc 24/7, and it is rare for me to see the temp go beyond 65.  I don't think either my idle or peak temperatures are bad.

Adept I

Thank you all for your assistance. I ordered a tower cooler, after installing it I will report on the results.


Make sure you add thermal paste (just a small PEA sized amount in centre of CPU) and watch videos on how to install correctly, this all could be due to incorrectly installed CPU Cooler.

Adept I

I report the results after installing the tower cooler be quiet! Pure Rock Slim [BK008]. The temperature in idle time is 35 ... 37 degrees, in the AIDA64 stress test 57 ... 60. The processor is overclocked to 3750 MHz, the video card is overclocked to 440 MHz with the Ryzen Master program.