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Journeyman III

Temp of 2 cores at idle = 80C but the other 4 cores are ~34 C, with liquid cooling. Ryzen 5 5600x

Just finished the build: Asus Strix mini-ITX system board, Ryzen 5 5600x cpu. NZXT M22 liquid cooling.

At idle, cores 3 and 6 run consistently between 76 C and 80 C while the other four cores are around 32-35 C. Seems weird. Overall CPU temp is always in the mid-30s but, as I understand it, that is a different measurement than core temps.

I know AMD says high temps are not a problem but I'm curious. I pulled off the M22 and reapplied thermal goo even though what was there looked fine. No change to the temps.

The radiator fan is running at 'performance' speed (meaning kind of loud). I have run this for hours with no change, but have not put it under load, and will not until I'm satisfied I know why the temps are what they are.

None of my other PCs, even the mining rigs, have this much of a disparity. I am curious if it is a couple of bad temperature sensors or a marginal CPU that got past QA or what.

I have seen posts of 10 C disparities, but 40 C?

Any others with a similar experience? My friend suggested buying another 5600x and seeing if it acts the same way. I would rather not do that.

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Your system is probably choosing to dispatch it's tasks repeatedly on those two cores.

The individual cores can vary wildly and quickly in temps.

The Ryzen series 5 processors are expert at managing their temps.

I suggest initially..

Set PBO to advanced.

Set Limits to manual.

Set Thermal Throttle Limit to Manual.

Then set the pop up field "Thermal Throttle Limit"  to a temp you feel comfortable with. say 75 or 70   (in Celsius)

You may feel like your system is idle, but really it is not.  It continues to run the operating system dispatcher.  and it monitors hundreds of processes.  All of these processes need to run in a core somewhere.  These run faster than the monitors can report them to you.  So if you set Throttle limit down,  you should see in Ryzen master, work getting dispatched to the other cores when the favored ones report 80+