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Adept I

Technical question about 5900X L3 cache


I have a question: Does Ryzen 5900X have two separating L3 caches? Youtube showed that each L3 cache has 8 Cores. But 5900x have 12 Cores that means 8 Cores per L3 (32 MB) and 4 Cores per L3 (32 MB), two caches are not together?

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With Zen3 or Ryzen 5xxx desktop cpus up to 8 cores can access the full 32mb of cache. This differs from Zen 2 which only 4 cores accessed 16. 

So with the 5900 each has its own 32mb. So 8 cores access 32 an 4 cores access 32 for a total combined cache of 64.