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Technical Info Request [AMD Embedded Radeon E9171]

I would like to use AMD Embedded Radeon E9171 in my project, but I can't find enough technical information about the GPU. Therefore I can't decide whether use or not.
I need to access the technical documents(datasheet, databook etc.) of the GPU. It will help me to decide. 
**I have tried to create account on to get GPU datasheet but get stuck on "AMD Contact Name" and "AMD Contact Email".
How can I access the documents?
Could you please help me about this?

Best regards,

2 Replies

Have you tried AMD Support to see if that information is available to the public from here: Online Service Request | AMD . The will assign you a Embedded Specialist to help you if needed.

Here are the general spec for that Embedded GPU: AMD Radeon E9171 MCM Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database 

Sometimes you need to be "White listed" to have access to the Dev Guru and other developer/programmer Forums at AMD. Possibly Deepak ‌ might be able to assist you with this.

Thank you.