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Adept II

System unstable: Ryzen 5 5600x and Aorus x570 crashing on games at default settings

Sorry for the long post....
My System:
Ryzen 5 5600x
x570 Aorus Elite Bios F 31h
Gskill TridentZ RGB 2x8 3600 mhz CL18
MSI 2080 Super Ventus
1 M.2 disc for Windows and 1 M.2 for games and data. 
Seasonic Focus 850W 80+ gold PSU

What a nightmare this "upgrade" has been. Many hours spent and many windows reinstall. Just having the PC to post was a big deal, Q flash never worked had to get a r5 2600 CPU from a friend to actually post and update bios. 

Everything looked fine in windows, after updating BIOS Installed chipset, audio and LAN drivers from Gigabyte website. I was running the system with all settings as default/auto. Turned XMP on and ran benchmarks, all good. Cinebench r 20 and r23 running good. Started a game (Rogue Company) and system crashed (Bios reset) within 5 min. Repeated and crashed. Opened Horizon Zero Dawn to run the benchmark and crashed within 20 sec.

Event viewer showed WHEA errors, kernel erros and more. Decided reinstall windows fresh (again) guessing something went wrong with it. New windows, installed same drivers, only downloaded steam and HWinfo, SAME problems of course.

Found out that if I disable Core Boost Performance from bios and enable XMP everything runs smooth and crisp (benchmarks and games). But my chip is running at 3.7 ghz. On the other hand, if I run my DDR4 at default 2133 mhz and Disable CBP I can All core boost 4.6 ghz 1.3 volts and be stable. Both scenarios give me similar scores in HZD benchmark.

Any sort of CBP and PBO values I do will end up crashing on HZD benchmark, regardless the memory speed. Running ryzen master for PBO and Auto clock delivers same results. After many hours of memory timings and overclocking managed to stabilize the system with: all core boost 3.9 ghz 1.2 V, all settings auto (LLC, SoC volts, etc.) and XMP on 3600 mhz CL 18 1.35v. 
This run smooth and crisp in games and benchmarks, allowing for best "stable" scores.

Obviously I'm not happy, besides the hard work and many hours invested to stabilize, this is not the performance I payed for. 
Should I get a new mobo, should I issue a RMA on the CPU, wait for Bios updates/better drivers?

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Adept II

Guys!!! I SOLVED it!!!!!!!!

Omg, this is actually upsetting but relaxing at the same time since I finally found the problem.

It was PSU related but not because of the total Watts, it was the cables. I've been using this Phanteks Cable extensions for over 2 years now, never had an issue. Since I was monitoring the watts usage and noticing very weird behavior,  like huge spikes and dumps, in one of many reboots I noticed once cable was pretty hot, that is not normal so I removed the extensions (CPU, Motherboard and PSU) and PROBLEM SOLVED. Running smooth like butter, ran all the benchmarks, ran prime 95, gamed for 2 hours and not a single problem. Giving me the expected performance now.

It makes a lot of sense by the way the PC was working. Still going for that 850 W PSU for more room on that department. Gonna keep testing but so far you can TELL is working as it should, it looks and feels fine. Thanks to everyone that helped. 

cables phanteks.jpg

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