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System hangs while loading Kernel Image in U boot


We are using Zynq7000 processor in our project. While we are checking on reset, we encountered system hangs when loading Kernel Image in U-boot. 

The system is working fine when the reset is "not" clicked. Kindly suggest on above problem. Thanks in advance.


Sujatha SK 

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This issue occurs specifically when the system is reset.

There could be several reasons for this problem, and troubleshooting it requires a systematic approach. Here are some steps you can take to diagnose and potentially resolve the issue:

Check for Correct Kernel Image and U-boot Configuration:
Ensure that you are using the correct and compatible Kernel Image and U-boot configuration for your Zynq7000 processor. Verify that the configuration settings match your hardware setup and requirements.

Verify Memory Configuration:
Ensure that the memory configuration in U-boot is correctly set for your specific hardware. If the memory settings are incorrect, it can lead to system hangs during the boot process.

Check Reset Circuitry and Signals:
Examine the reset circuitry and signals on your board. Any issues with the reset signal could cause instability during the boot process. Ensure that the reset signal is stable and properly synchronized with the processor.

Review Boot Arguments and Parameters:
Check the boot arguments and parameters passed to the Kernel during the boot process. Incorrect or incompatible boot arguments can lead to unexpected behavior.

Debugging and Serial Console:
Enable debugging options in U-boot to get more detailed information about the boot process. Use a serial console to capture U-boot logs during the boot-up sequence. This can help identify any errors or issues that occur during the boot process.

Check for External Peripherals:
If your system uses external peripherals or devices, ensure they are properly initialized and configured before loading the Kernel Image.

Software and Hardware Interactions:
Investigate possible interactions between software and hardware components. It's essential to ensure that the Kernel Image and U-boot work seamlessly with the hardware environment.

Update U-boot and Kernel:
Check for any updates or bug fixes for U-boot and the Kernel that may address similar issues. Consider updating to the latest stable versions of both U-boot and the Kernel.

Seek Community Support:
If you are part of a development community or using specific development boards, forums, or mailing lists, consider seeking support from fellow developers who may have encountered similar issues.

If the problem persists even after following these steps, it might be helpful to provide more detailed information about your hardware setup, U-boot version, Kernel Image, and any error messages or logs you observe during the boot process. This additional information can assist others in providing more targeted and specific solutions to your system hang issue.

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