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Journeyman III

Sudden stuttering and cpu at 100% while gaming

Have always been playing fifa 24 and frame rates were very good at ard 200 fps while playing. But today my cpu is sudd at 100% usage when playing and this didnt happen before and i would also experience a micro stutter rate of 50%> from time to time in game and it happens very frequently and is causing me to lose the ball or condede goals. Is there any1 that knows how to fix this or has experienced this bfr. My cpu temps when playing fifa 24 is ard 60 degree celsius +- 2 and gpu usage is also around 80% and temps around 50 degrees celsius. 

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Adept III

Hi, @TooFine.

Usually stuttering is a consequences of a CPU usage of 100% or GPU usage 100% on overloaded RAM.

By the way, to understand which cause this, you can open the task manager to see if there is some software who overload your CPU, the image below show you that I mean (the text is in Italian, but because I from Italy).


With this tool you can understand what overload your CPU.

But if you do not notice anything strange, the issue can be caused by a Software which cause a bug, or a driver so check if your system and windows is updated.

Talking about software, one of friend of mine experienced the same issue with an Intel I9, and the overloading is caused by the MSI dragon Center and their utility installed like also the RGB things and RBG SDK.

So, to avoid that some times utility cause issue uninstall every utility supplied by motherboard produce, and just install only the drivers, to avoid incompatibility or bugs.

Out there some people experience something like a Hughe drop of FPS because the ASUS Armoury crate cause a bug etc.

Let me know,

Kind regards



Adept I

It might be worth capping your framerate to avoid the bottleneck. That high of a framerate is something necessary for competitive FPS titles but not so much for FIFA I'd imagine. Odd it's only started happening recently; any hardware/software updates as of late to mention?