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Journeyman III

Strange 5950X issue

About a month ago I decided to update my 5600X with a 5950X and almost immediately on doing so, I started noticing strange video card issues.  As I couldn't imagine how a CPU change to a higher end processor could impact it, I focused the last 4 weeks on looking at my video card, motherboard & bios. 

Here's the hardware: 6800XT (ROG Strix OC LC), 32GB 3600 RAM, 5600x (no issue)/5950x (issues).  There is no overclocking done on the CPU (only the video card).  I should also mention that I run 3 monitors (1 x 49" 1080P, 2 x 3440x1440p and 1x 800x600 mounted in the case for performance monitoring).

Issue's are:  1) Video card is unstable at all settings (including normal).  It will inconsistently fail stress tests, 2) intermittent issues with monitors losing connection or locking up, 3) inconsistent video card benchmark results which seem to correct on reboot, lots of dropped frames while playing games after about an hour or so.

Today I noticed that my CPU frequency jumped all over the place while running video card benchmarks in 3Dmark where typically it's a pretty constant/straight line so I decided to put the original 5600x back in and check again.  Sure enough, CPU frequency was back to a straight line and benchmark results skyrocketed again.

I'm not very adept with CPU's but it seems that this is the culprit as it's the only thing I've changed.  The question is, is this just a bizarre coincidence or is my 5950X defective?