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Stability issues with new CPU

Never buy Ryzen CPU, MSI motherboard, and Corsair RAM..
Running Windows 10 x64 it's VERY unstable..
Just a headsup..

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If you write system components, there are many system stabilization experts here who can help you... 

As mentioned above you need to post your Computer information including Windows and AMD driver installed.

also BIOS and CHIPSET versions installed and Make & Model of your Motherboard, GPU, CPU, PSU.

Are you Overclocking your Ryzen or GPU?

Have you checked that you have compatible RAM from the Motherboard QVL List or AMD RAM List or Corsair for your motherboard and Ryzen CPU you have installed?

Ryzen CPU are sensitive to the type of RAM being used which is why you should always go by the Motherboard's QVL List or AMD RAM List or the RAM manufacturer to verify the RAM is 100% compatible. If it isn't it will cause a lot of instability issues. Many times Users needed to tweak the RAM settings in BIOS to get it stable.

Do you have the latest BIOS and CHIPSET versions installed?

Having the proper BIOS will make the system more stable with the attached hardware (RAM)  and software installed.

One hundred percent agree. Many factors can make a computer unstable and often the wrong thing is blamed. 

Registry corruption, malware, device drivers. peripherals, non-updated systems, bad power supplies, etc... can all lead one to think their choice of hardware must be at fault. I only have 3 Ryzen systems myself. All are an MSI b450 motherboards and all are very trouble free and very stable. I ended up with my first MSi B450 board after returning the initial Gigabyte board that would work with 2 ram slots filled but not 4. So I absolutely know that some boards are flakier than others and real issues with some boards do exist. I can't speak to all MSI boards but the B450 Tomahawk boards are as rock solid a board I have ever had an tons of tech sites agree. So not all MSI boards are bad, nor are all Ryzen CPUs. I have never used corsair ram in my life but they have a good reputation so I find it hard to believe they get that by selling all bad products.

I do feel for the OP as it is very frustrating when you spend a lot of money and issues ensue. It is very frustrating. 

Thank you all for replying to me, it means a lot. 

The reason why I wrote my post like that was simply to get the attention for it, and also I was really frustrated.. And still am a bit.. 

Let me explain. 

When I say unstable, I mean sound.

Everything works flawless, it seams. I can make games with unreal engine, it opens up fast and smooth, same for the pc to start. Takes like 20 seconds or something. 

But.. Sound.. It just ain't that great. 

I installed all latest drivers, the onboard soundcard works, and my tv through hdmi. But when using usb audio interface, an maudio mtrack 2x2,I was lucky to even have sound in windows, and in fl studio it crashed. So I thought it was the interface, so I bought a focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen. Now I can use fl studio, to some degree by unchecking a setting that I kinda want back that can keep the cpu usage down by disabling the sounds that isn't being used. But I can work it for now. 

And sometimes I get crackling sound with it in chrome while watching YouTube and such. 

In total I tested 3 different ryzen cpus, 2 msi motherboards, 2 kinds of Corsair ram, and 2 usb audio interfaces. 

Currently my setup is 3900x, b450 tomahawk max, and corsair ram, can't remember model name, and isn't home right now. But it's 2x 3000mhz 16gb 15-15-15-36 (if I remember correctly.. I'll check when I get back home).. 

And now I'm using the scarlett audio interface. 

I found that with the scarlett I'm able to use firefox without issues, it seems.. And with the Smart Disable feature in fl studio, I can at least use it again as a temporary fix.

And I should also mention that within fl studio it was only vst instruments that made it crash, not vst effects nor the native plugins.. 

Like. Now I can at least use it, but I'm still not that happy about it. 

Everything is stock settings, I haven't touched much, except setting the ram as 3000mhz xmp profile. But that's about it. 

And the mouse cursor is really slow in the bios after I updated it to newest version. 

Cpu runs at around 40 degrees celcius and system at around 30.. 

I'm not sure if I missed out something, let me know if there's something I forgot to add. 

English isn't my first language, so I apologise in case something sounds weird. 

Sincerely, Matias


By your reply you seemed to be a professional in the Music business when you mentioned maudio mtrack 2x2 : M-Audio and focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen: Scarlett Solo | Focusrite  (needed to google to find out what it is) which are professional recording devices.

Have you tried to open a Support ticket with both manufacturers of the Recording devices to see if they had any Windows drivers that might fix your issue or maybe suggest Windows settings to make the Audio sound clearer?

How exactly are both Recording device connected to your computer?

From Focusrite Support with the latest Windows 10 driver: Downloads | Customer Portal 

and the Scarlett Solo Gen.3.0 Spec:

Here is FL Studio website: . I noticed that FL Studio has several Plug-ins. Are you using any of them by any chance? : 

Maybe post at FL Studio Forum and see if anyone else is having the same or similar problem and how they were able to fix it or work around the problem: 

If you have done the above already then ignore it. 

As you can tell I tend to state the obvious in my replies because many times Users ignore the basic stuff first.

I know that in Windows Sound Panel under "Properties" you are able to select the Frequencies that are compatible with your Recording device.

Also go to Windows  Device Manager and make sure you have the latest USB drivers installed and there are no Yellow Exclamation marks or Errors showing.

You can download the latest USB either from your motherboard's Manufacturer Support site or install the latest AMD CHIPSET driver for your motherboard.

NOTE: if your computer is working flawlessly except for the quality of sound then you probably have the correct hardware installed and the problem is mainly software/Driver or configuration issue related.

Any issue you would have with the USB audio device is that device. Not a factor of the MB, CPU or Memory. It is possible that the maker of the USB audio device may need to update drivers to be better compatible with the devices you have bought. That is hower on them not MSI, AMD or Corsair. 

Thanks for replying, but I don't think you understand exactly, so I'll try my best to explain in english.
I tried 3 different Ryzen cpus, 2 different msi motherboards, 2 kinds of corsair ram, and 2 different usb audio interfaces.
I download everything from the manufactures website, as well as drivers. Both the newest versions, and older just to check.
Within FL Studio there's a cpu optimation feature that disables plugins when it doesn't use them, which saves cpu usage, but when I have that enabled, it's running very unstable, with both usb audio interfaces, and even when using the onboard soundcard and/or the tv through hdmi.
I'm pretty bummed I can't use that feature now..
And in windows and in chrome, sometimes there's crackling sound when using the scarlett interface, and with the maudio mtrack I was lucky there was even any sound. Which is why I bought the scarlett, as I though the mtrack was the issue.
The reason why I bought the scarlett, is because thousands of people are using it.
I wrote in a producer facebook group as well, that have more than 137,000 members, and it seems to work perfectly for them with the same kind of parts.. And even on my brother's pc, which is Ryzen, msi, and corsair as well, it gets the same symptoms.
I don't know how else I can explain it.
I have tried replacing every part of the system, I don't know what to do to be honest..
I noticed the motherboard flashes/blinking red a few times when I boot up, but turns off quickly again, is that something to worry about or is it normal?
Should I set the ram settings or bios values different from stock settings?


I understand your situation. I just don't know how to fix it and doubt, especially since you have replaced the hardware it is a problem but certainly could be if for some reason there is a bug with one component. I would think if that is the case it would likely be the Motherboard. Most likely it is an issue with the USB device. This is just USERS HELPING USERS in this forum. You are not asking AMD here. You really should be talking to the support departments for MSI and your USB device. They should be able to best help troubleshoot the issue. 

If you need to talk to AMD you can do that here:

Obviously any other user reading this may have advice. Given that likely few have experience with that USB audio device it would be a low chance. 

Again if there is a forum that people maybe who have more experience with that USB device participate in, you should ask your questions there too.

I do wish you the best of luck I just can't offer any other advise. 


I have three AM4 processors, I have tons of experience with RAM and CPU compatibility.

The integrated graphics on my R5 2400G is able to do 3840x2160 at 60 Hz and I tried some 4K video and it worked fine as did other formats. I play the content over my network as there is no storage on the machine outside the M.2 NVMe SSD which is the boot drive


Audio can be very susceptible to dirty power.  What is your PSU?  How old is the wiring where you live?  Do you have a battery backup (UPS)?  What other USB devices are connected?  Tracking down this kind of problem is truly like finding a needle in a haystack...



qbtheslayer wrote:

Audio can be very susceptible to dirty power.  What is your PSU?  How old is the wiring where you live?  Do you have a battery backup (UPS)?  What other USB devices are connected?  Tracking down this kind of problem is truly like finding a needle in a haystack...



Modern motherboards have redesigned audio subsystems in order to minimize problems

I use bluetooth audio which sidesteps the problem completely