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Journeyman III

Some questions about my new 2700x


I am a happy owner of a 2700x. My first amd CPU ever and of course there are some questions, which I hope u can answer me.


Mainboard ASrock x470 Taichi

CPU cooler: Bequiet Dark Rock Pro 4

RAM: G.Skill Flare X 3200mhz cl14

Windows ver. 1809 installed on nvme

The first thing that I noticed with my CPU is that temps constantly jump around.

I am using the AMD windows powerplan. And If I do so the spikes get more frequent and the temp while the cpu boosts to 4,3 Ghz. But while gaming all cores stay at 4,025 - 4,050...why?

When I am using normal performance powerplan the cpu only boosts to 4,025Ghz

Is there any reason that even while I am writing this, my cpu is boostng over 4Ghz?

Is there any advice on something that I "should" change? Something that every Ryzen owner needs to know about? 

Or is this okay and I shouldn't think about those spikes?

Screen of Ryzen Master:



I am using Tctrl monitoring in Bios for all my fans. I ran AIDA64 for a couple of minutes and my temps were around 65c

Another quick question.

How do I enable precision boost overdrive in ASrock x470 Taichi?

The only setting in my Bios is XFR

Precision Boost overdrive is a feature which is used already by my CPU...but XFR is what I can enable to push even further? Did I get that right?

Thanks in advance

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