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Adept I

Smart Access Memory in Ryzen 5600G

Hello, I have a Ryzen 5600G processor and I have a question. It is compatible with SAM (Smart Access Memory). It's the requirements that SAM is compatible with the 5000 series, but I don't know whether to interpret that the 5000 series includes the 5600G. On the other hand, if it were, would it be only in case of adding a dedicated graphics card or would it also work if we are using the integrated gpu in the processor itself? It is that the doubt assails me since I have tried to activate it using the integrated graphics of the processor and everything seems to work. The CPU-Z program tells me that the processor is not compatible with SAM. However, if I don't activate the resizable bar on the motherboard (Asus B450M-A) it only lets me allocate up to 2 GB of VRAM and if I activate it it lets me go up to 4 GB of ram. Therefore, although it is not compatible, I do not know if it would be better to activate it to allocate the 4 GB of ram if this is better or not, how it would be better to leave it configured, etc. Thanks.

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