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Journeyman III

Slow boot ryzen 5600x

I upgraded to ryzen 5600x recently, on a compatible mobo (gigabyte b550 gaming x v2).

The problem is the slow boot time (25/30s running on a nvme samsung 970 evo).

I tried to change settings in bios but I'm not able to fix it.


Does someone have the same problem and can help me?

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Adept II

Re: Slow boot ryzen 5600x

Hi! No overclocks, right? Docp for ram is causing trouble for me, try turning it to auto, if it helps. B550 chipset might need better bios to work properly. Might want to try older bios?


Use DISM.exe and sfc scannow to see if theres some corrupted files on windows. Google that sfc scanow to how to do it.


Re: Slow boot ryzen 5600x

@facoceronte it's not actually that slow. Are you timing from when you push the power button or from when Windows starts to boot?

It's about 10 seconds for BIOS checks then about 15 - 20 seconds more for Windows to be logged in on.

I'm on a pretty old installation and I haven't cleaned the boot sequence in a while, but it was taking well over a minute until I converted from legacy BIOS to a UEFI installation of Windows.

Can also skip BIOS checks with the fastboot option in BIOS, I'd recommend leaving the checks but up to you.

If you're on a fresh install then should be faster than me even on your SSD which is probably slower than mine. If you enable Windows fastboot that'll help more, it used to be enabled by default but I hate that feature.