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Adept I

Should I Update the BIOS When Upgrading the CPU?


I have a Asus Prime A320M-K motherboars, about 4 years old coupled with a Ryzen 5 1600 cpu of the same age.

I have purchased a Ryzen 5 5600 X, should I update the bios first?

Kind regards


Alan Fletcher

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Adept II

No you need B550 M.B. a faster chip CPU like the Ryzen 5800x take a look at this. Clearly states you cannot.

Hope this helps Alan. If need more information on what M.B.  to get post back on here happy to help and advise.


Hi Jonoace

Thanks for the reply but my cpu is a Ryzen 5600X, does what you say still apply?



Yes that still applies to update your Bios, but if you decide to upgrade a 5800x which is a more powerful chip and  can  over heat  up to 90c full load(lower with a good after cooler) ,your board would simply not cope with it's  8 core and 12 thread chip. I would advise you to change your board I got the Asrock B550M Steel Legend last week for 123.00 on Its cracking board for the money and that will run all the top Ryzen 7 and 9 chips easily. Sorry I mis understood your question. I believe you just brought the 5600x if I am correct. So yes as Elstaci has said you need to update the BIOS first and use your current Asus Prime A320M-K board and your 5600x will run fine as it is less power hungry.


Stop confusing the guy, he's got a 5600x already, he doesn't need to give it back and buy a whole new set of more expensive components just because you say so. And giving answers from Quora of all places... wow, just wow. @Hector0501 Don't listen to that guy. Here's what ASUS themselves say about the need for a new BIOS (and there's even a link for download there):



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Ok calm down!!!, I initially thought he was upgrading his 5600x if you understood my post above I have corrected my statement post.No need to  take it out on me! I already said sorry to him surly that's enough! 


The Ryzen 5-5600x and above support PCIe-4 which your B320  board does not.  But that's OK. If you could use it, you would see a boost to anything on the BUS.  So Jonoace seems to be suggesting You upgrade further, but those parts are too rich for me, to get 5-10% (a guess)? better perfomance Plus 7 series processors are 95 watts or more and need a water cooling solution.


strictly answering your question is yes if your BIOS version is older than 5862.

If you have BIOS version 5862 or newer than your 5600X should work out of the box otherwise you will need to update the BIOS to at least version 5862 for the Asus  Motherboard to recognize and boot up with your new processor:

Screenshot 2023-01-13 143510.png

Also if you upgrade from a 1000 series to a 5000 Series processor you will need to see if the RAM you now are using will be compatible with the new 5600x processor by looking either at Asus QVL List for RAM for the 5000 Series processors or at the RAM Manufacturer's QVL list for your RAM part number.

Some Users have mentioned that the VRM of some 300 Series Motherboard may not be up to stuff to run a 5000 series processor and may end up having issues.

So others would need to advise you about your Asus 300 Series Motherboard in using a 5000 series processor.

Adept II

You definatly need to upgrade your BIOS first. Go to The Asus site...

PRIME A320M-K|Motherboards|ASUS Global


Download a copy of CPUZ and run it.  It'll give you a report on your system.  Including BIOS version, Ram speed & timings and Video, etc.

You Need it!

Adept I

Thanks for all the replies, I have updated the bios to 6042, everything seems ok with the old cpu and I will install the new cpu soon

Thanks for all the advice

So, how are you doing with your new Ryzen 5 5600X ?



Thanks for asking, things are going like a rocket atm, very pleased with the improvement on loading times and everything!!


To add to the thread

I treat BIOS's like drivers for my various components and keep it updated .. BIOS updates bring security fixes, increased hardware compatibility and can improve performance

Also, be sure to update your AM4 Chipset drivers from

Going from a 1600 to a 5600x is a huge jump in performance .. but also keep in mind that you can  get an even bigger jump by increasing your RAM speed and/or lowering latency of your RAM

I don't know what you are currently running, but 5000 series Ryzen's "sweet spot" is in the neighborhood of 3600 with their FCLK at 1800 to match RAM speed. 2000 series Ryzen's were about 2933 .. 1000 series, not sure

I've ran 2666 rated RAM at 3200 .. I've ran 3200 rated RAM at 3800 without  issue. So you might be able to get more out of your RAM if you have a slower kit installed or you might want to consider grabbing a 2x16GB 3600 CAS16/18 kit to get the most out of your new CPU.

I currently run 4x16GB 3600 CAS18 Oloy kit @ CAS16 .. bumping up RAM voltage from 1.35v to 1.38v

I recommend using a better cooling solution than the one that comes with the 5600x .. again, to get the most out of your new CPU

ThreeDee PC specs

Thanks for the interest, this is much deeper than I normally delve, maybe it is time to go a little deeper, thanks for the advice, i'll investigate when time allows