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Journeyman III

Should I RMA my 5950X?

Hey guys,

   So after weeks of frustrations with my current 5950X, I’m finally thinking maybe I should just RMA it. The issues i face are:

- Weird Temp spikes when gaming (As high as 94C on CCD1)
- VERY unbalanced temp delta between CCD1 and CCD2 (15-25C Difference in temps between CCD1 Tdie and CCD2 Tdie)
- Basically it just seems CCD 1 is doing all the lifting and CCD 2 is really bad.

I run a full custom loop. Ive tried everything.

- Re mounted my CPU block several times
- Swapped to a new better CPU Block
- Updated and downgraded the Bios
- Re oriented my fans for better airflow
- Re applied thermal paste several times
- Tried using PBO and a negative -15 all core in Curve optimizer
- Full clean install of windows

Nothing seems to help. CTR seems to tell me that i have a “Golden Sample” so that makes me a little reluctant to RMA and swap for a new cpu.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Open a AMD Service Request - Warranty (Official AMD SUPPORT) and see if they believe you need to RMA the processor or not or that those temps are normal from here:


System Specifications? 

Are they the same as in this thread?

I have been trying to get new R9 5950X to put on ASrock X570 Creator Motherboards.
However I am also considering ASUS boards. 
There do seem to be many reported issues with these R9 5950X Processors.

I would a open support call with the Motherboard manufacturer and talk with them before you RMA the CPU. 


Hey thanks for the reply. Do you think it could be the motherboard causing the issues? I use an Asus Dark Hero, and i think its quite a common board used for the 5950X.

RE: Do you think it could be the motherboard causing the issues. 

It might be hardware - CPU Socket/VRM related. 

Or it could be a problems with constant AMD AGESA updates and changes that require frequent motherboard BIOS updates and hence potentially buggy motherboard BIOSes.   

There have been reports here:

This may be of use to you:

Lockdowns have killed supply chains for electronics so I am having real problem getting hold of AMD Ryzen 9 5950X AMD Ryzen 9 5900X etc processors for X570 motherboards. 

I have been considering just purchasing Ryzen 9 3950X CPU instead as they are still available and some are even discounted.
That might help avoid "death by a thousand cuts" from trying to use "bleeding edge" AMD CPUs where the users do the debug for AMD and motherboard manufacturers at their own cost and inability to do real work on their PCs.

I try to  avoid CPUs with a motherboard and BIOS ecosystem that is not ready or reliable enough for the processors. 

There may also be a problem with AMD testing R9 5950X CPUs before shipping, because of the above. 
Or they may be downbinning R9 5950X CPUs for the consumer market with insufficient quality checks. 

Have you removed your CPU from the processor socket and checked that none of the CPU pins are bent / damaged? 
You should also check your motherboard CPU Socket is o.k. 
If the CPU is runing hot, the CPU socket / any nearby capacitors can get damaged.