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Adept II

Should I enable all cores?

Hello. I've noticed that my PC doesn't boot or run as well as I would want it to when gaming and streaming. It seems my CPU will almost always have 100% usage. My OS is on an M.4(internal SSD) and all my games are split evenly on SSD's so they aren't at full capacity. Should I check to see if all my cores are running? Would this impact my gaming performance as well? I've heard people saying it's helped them.


CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 

GPU: RX 6600

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Have you by any chance disabled any? They won't come disabled by default. Either way, you can check it and f you are unsure, a reset BIOS to defaults should help.

Can you share some graphics about your CPU/GPU usage?

In some instances it might be normal to have that near or 100% usage, are you getting low fps on average?

What kind of software are you running on the background?

You also can check for malware and virus, you could have something using your CPU without you even know.

Good Luck

The Englishman

I've never disabled or touched anything CPU, so I'm unsure if anything is enabled or not. I stream and game at the lowest settings possible, but it seems to spike at 90-100% for quite some time which causes everything to lag and frames to drop. The only software running in the background and task manager would be Discord, Steam and Epic Games if I'm streaming or just playing Fortnite. 




I will check for malware or viruses just in case as well.


Maybe its time to consider an upgrade.

A 5600G or non X could be inexpensive and suitable if your board supports it.

The Englishman