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Journeyman III

Serial Number Format for Warranty request not recognised


As per the title, SN for my AMD Ryzen 7 1700 is not being recognised by the warranty RMA form ( )

SN is taken directly from the front of the CPU and is definitely correct. Is this a known issue or am I missing something?

SN is - 9R6597xxxxxxx

Any help appreciated.



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From AMD about what is written on AMD Processors for identification:

Is your Ryzen 7 1700 purchased from a Retailer or from an Online Retailer?

What is the Part number on the Processor?

Did this processor come from a OEM (HP, Asus,Acer, Dell, etc)  built PC? If it did it isn't covered by AMD Warranty but through the OEM Warranty.

NOTE: AMD Warranty is good for 3 years from date of purchase.


Thanks for the reply.

As per the AMD advice and images on how to find product number and serial number, I've taken a picture if the front of my CPU earlier today.

I've entered these details as per the guidance and the warranty submit for is still having issue with the serial number. I've checked for zeros and O etc, checked for any additional spaces before and after. No luck.


What is the part number on your processor that you want to RMA?

I am thinking it is a OEM Processor and not a Retail processor. By the part number I can find that information out.

EDIT: If you have a legitimate Serial Number and Part Number for a Retail AMD Processor than possibly one of the Moderators can check to see what the problem is.


Part number is YD1700BBM88AE. Thanks.


Thanks, it is what I thought.

You have a OEM/TRAY processor that is not covered by AMD Warranty. Those types of processors are covered by your OEM who built the computer.

If your part number would have been YD1700BBAEBOX then it would have been covered by AMD Warranty since this is a processor sold in Retail stores online and offline.

Only AMD Processor sold in an official AMD Retail Box sold by Retailers/Vendors are covered by AMD Warranty.

OEM/TRAY type processor which are bought in bulk by OEM Manufacturers are not covered by AMD Warranty but by the OEM Manufacturers themselves.

Journeyman III

I have exactly the same issue described by eukorphan, as the serial number taken from the cpu front reports is also reported as invalid. 

I would need to know what kind of CPU is being sold (OEM or retail in box, etc.). 

Any help would be much appreciated.

The part number appears as 100-000000051

The partial serial number appear as 44004350XXXXX

The number appearing in the row between those already reported above is BF 2012SUT.


Found the  AMD Processor with that part number - Ryzen 9 3950X: 

If that is the Part Number you have an OEM/TRAY Processor which is not covered by AMD Warranty.

If the Part Number had ended with "WOF" then it would have been covered since it is a Retail Processor in a Box processor.