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Journeyman III

SegFault and Post week 25 processors

Greetings All,

I have a Ryzen R 5 1600 with a date code of UA 1733 PGT. When I attempt to run the kill-ryzen script in a usb live version of Ubuntu I get what I believe to be segfaults, but I thought this issue was fixed after week 25. Am I possibly doing something wrong or do I have a bad processor? Is there another way to test them? I typically don't run Linux or program, but I am concerned about having a faulty processor. Thanks for any help.

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If you are getting a readout which says SEGFAULT, it's a segfault. If you don't run Linux, then there is no problem.


Thanks for getting back to me. To a certain extent I agree with you concerning that it is probably not much of a problem for non Linux users, but I have read of people having issues rendering in Blender and some programing stuff in Windows. Apparently it all depends on how stressed you CPU is and how well made. Mine, even though it was produced after the 25th week, would SEGFAULT within 90sec and couldn't get past 11 loops. This would seem to indicate that the issue was not in fact corrected after week 25. In either case I do plan to do rendering and didn't want to take a chance of having issues so I did an RMA. In the end I may regret that, but we will see. I have been an AMD guy since 90's, but I have to admit I am a little discouraged about how this has been handled. I think it would have been helpful if AMD had come out with some official statement and guidelines. Thanks again.