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Journeyman III

Screen Mirroring

Hello, I'm currently using AMD fx-6300 processor & Sapphire R7 240 1G GDDR5 Graphics card. . 
I decided to upgrade my processor to Ryzen 5 1600, but want to keep existing graphics card, due to budget issue. .
i want to know 1 particular thing... I can't screen mirror my pc to my smart tv.
my questions are
is AMD support screen mirroring?
is screen mirroring feature depends on processor or graphics card? 
can use screen mirroring if i only upgrade my processor?

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Adept III

Re: Screen Mirroring

What you asking is a little bit confusing.

I use a Screen Mirroring app on my Samsung S7 phone to mirror its screen to my Samsung SmartTV. It can do this because my TV supports MirrorcastDisplay.

I several computers that have graphic cards with multiple output connectors

  1. AMD FX 8350, GTX 560
  2. AMD R7 1700X, GTX 1060

How I have hooked up each depends upon what type of output each supports. It may be VGA, DVI-D, or HDMI.

When you add a second display you have the following options:

Primary Screen Only: The second monitor is ignored and only the primary monitor is used.

Duplicate: The second monitor mirrors the primary monitor.

Extend: The desktop of your PC is extended across the two monitors and allows you to have a desktop that spans across both monitors.

Second Screen Only: The primary monitor will be disabled and only the secondary monitor will be used.

Note the second display might be a 2nd monitor, a TV, or a digital projector.

For example for my AMD R7 1700X computer my primary display was a Samsung 23-inch monitor. One time I hooked up the computer to my Samsung TV as a second display using an HDMI cable. For the Windows Display setup I selected Duplicate so what was on my 23-inch monitor was duplicated on the TV.

All that said what exactly are you trying to do?

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