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Journeyman III

Samsung NP355V5C cpu upgrade, a6-4400m to what?

Hi! I own a Samsung NP355V5C-A05UK laptop which comes with a A6-4400m cpu (FS1r2 socket). Can I upgrade to a better CPU? Which one? Is A10-4600m ok?

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First your laptop processor is soldered to your motherboard. The only way to really upgrade the processor is by replacing your Laptop motherboard with the new processor.

To replace a soldered CPU will cost more than your laptop is work. Same as replacing your laptop motherboard.

Second you would need to contact Samsung Support to find out which CPU will be compatible in your laptop.

It is better if you have the finances to just purchase a new inexpensive laptop that probably will be much more powerful with a Ryzen processor than any CPU upgrade for your laptop.

Thanks for replying. The CPU is not soldered for sure. I have diassassebled the laptop and found that I can replace the cpu easily. But I dont know what to replace it with.


Seems like you are correct. You have one of the few laptops that does seem you can upgrade the processor. I didn't check, which was my fault, but according to CPU World it is possible to upgrade.

Okay if interested here is where you can download drivers for your laptop from Samsung Support:

Here is where you can contact Samsung Support about upgrading your processor:

Screenshot 2023-02-13 103448.png

The reason why I gave you the above information is because only Samsung Support will know which specific laptop processor your laptop will support for upgrading.

I have seen a couple of places where one User mentioned it was easy to upgrade to a A8/A10 Processor without any details.

I am sure you can probably purchase a A10 processor but it might not be compatible with your laptop power, thermal, or BIOS wise.

Which is why you need to ask Samsung directly.


Thanks a lot!