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Journeyman III

ryzen3 3200g memory problem

Why 3200g can only support ram up to 2666Mhz? It is listed that this CPU can support up to 2933 Mhz memory. But for my pc, it only works at 2666Mhz. Set it higher than 2666Mhz will automatically change my memory to the default 2133Mhz.

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Adept II

More  information would be helpful to troubleshoot this problem.  What motherboard do you have, and what bios version is it at?  What ram?  Which slots are the dimms installed?  When you change the ram speed, are you using XMP settings, or doing something else?  When the memory automatically changes back to 2133, does the computer "reboot" a few times?


Hello, I have a new build, everytihing brand new, Ryzen 3 3200G, 2x8 DDR4 XPG 3200HZ, mother Aorus B450M, my problem is the ram sticks dont work in dual channel, the DRAM led turns on when I tried to put them in dual, only work in slot 4 and 2 in single channel. 

Any idea what is causing this??

this is my first pc that I assamble and i'm going crazy! 

Any help would be good, im new at this

thank you in regards, sorry for my english


 if you cannot use the Ram in dual channel ( that is the B1 and A1 slots to start) it might be your CPU also.  I am having the same issue with two different CPUS ( ryzen 7 and FX 8320).   if your BIOS shows the correct memory when in dual channel ( A1 and B1), but the OS see only half when you boot the system, then the CPU is the problem.  


If your BIOS cannot come ready, or IT sees incorrect memory in dual channel, but correct memory in Single channel ( that is A1 and A2 or B1 and B2)  then your Motherboard has the problem and must be replaced.

 But your inability to set the clock speed is normal for single channel memory.  You can only get the faster memory clocks when you are using  Dual channel access