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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Ryzen system has GPU load bottleneck issue with GPU power limited

I heard the Ryzen system has high-performance GPU—for example, gtx1070~titan xp— load bottleneck issue about some games—for example,  Overwatch, GTA V, Watchdogs2, Metro:LL, Rise of tomb rader, AOTS etc.—, and now it can be solved by only gpu power limit max setting with using utilities likes the Afterburner.

To my regret, the Bulldozer system also has same problem, and only very few people know how to solve it.

Why does this problem occur on only AMD systems?

I can't understand why this problem is continuing and why we can solve it by only GPU power limit max setting.

Is this bug from mainboards? or drivers? or game engines?

I think this problem is the most serious issue in gaming performance.

and Many AMD Ryzen consumers want hotfix to solve this problem.

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