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Ryzen Push [Some recommendations]

I want to say.Thank you for doing what i requested.Pushing the product.I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to not see demand for the product build.Great job! in fact Perfect job! You really did great.If the audience wanted to applaud you should give a pause for them to inspire hope an intent.Which even though you did a little.It was way more than enough to sell out all X1800s immediately.I don't like 500 bucks for the chip but this is the beginning of sales so it is expected to be a bit high.

       Now the other half of somethings that could be worked on.Please keep an eye out for disgruntled purchases on motherboards.Please do not ignore this.There are going to be some confusion an returns so please keep looking an checking forums.Giving reassurance is one of the best ways to keep interest in the product.Keep someone on forums on YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Twitch an make sure they are correcting people that this is not some Phenom OverClocked to give an impression.Because that just makes your business look bad.An these uninformed people need to know your product is 10 times better than that old hardware.

        I noticed you didn't show much single thread information an are leaving it to the reviewers.Eeeeeen.That many not be the best idea.You should do more benchmarks showing performance,and HOW you got that performance using the software.Not just showing graphs.Show games.(sound off for copyright issues) an showing more than just two or three.Because you know these bad reviewers are gonna pull up every Nvidia Gameworks title they can to make you look bad.

       Modding.I am gonna post this part on Drivers as well.You really need to be feeling the gaming community by making improvements to games via mods.For the Nvidia Gameworks titles an some others.An that is all.Great job.An your work is not done yet.I still need a RX 490 with a 512 or 768 Bus for a higher memory bandwidth or higher at a reasonable $250 US dollars.An still need a 5GHz Ryzen 8 Core Processor.Yeah i know you just released those an you are waiting for Intel to respond.

       Then you will release the newest most powerful one at an achievable 5GH if not 6GHz on Air cooling.An i will remind you guys about separating the cores. to reduce heat.So i know you have it planed.So thank you once again.So i look forward to seeing those posters,billboards,Commercials on TV,Consoles,Social media an probably local game,Best Buy an others on the streets an in stores to get people to ask what is Ryzen?

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