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Ryzen Master PBO Power Limits (EDC)

I have been working on PBO settings in BIOS and Ryzen Master for my Ryzen 7 5800X.  I have applied limits for PPT, TDC, and EDC in the BIOS and am monitoring them in Ryzen Master, but for EDC, it is showing the value as 0% of 0 A.  It shows accurately for PPT and TDC, but not the EDC.  Is there anyway to fix this problem? I have already once tried reinstalling the application.

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Community Manager

Check you are using the latest motherboard BIOS and the latest version of Ryzen Master Tool. I suspect your BIOS may be out of date. 


Hi, actually, I just updated my Bios today, and did a fresh install of Ryzen Master (Before having this problem), so I don't think that was it, Thank you though!

I did find a (sort of) solution, but the problem is still there.  I enabled PBO and began tweaking in the AMD/Overclocking section, rather than the Extreme Tweaker Section of my Motherboard bios, and the EDC Shows up properly when overclocking from this menu.  Not sure if there is a bug between Ryzen Master and Asus' motherboard firmware ( I have a Crosshair Dark Hero), but I needed to switch anyway because Curve Optimizer settings were not available in my motherboard's overclock menu.

I just started having this same issue today.  When I just had PBO active, I could adjust PPT, TDC and EDC.  Once I activated AutoOC and restarted, I can only adjust PPT and TDC.  EDC shows as "0% of 0a".  Running Cinebench seems to confirm that the "0" value for EDC is accurate, as my clock speeds are a few hundred hz less than they were previously.

Turned off AutoOC, and it's still showing  zero.  Not sure what else to do.  I guess I can try the beta firmware.  I also have a Crosshair Dark Hero.  Running a 5900x

Would be interested to hear other suggestions.


Not sure if you saw my reply or not, but I did find a "fix" for this, if I applied any CPU overclock settings through the Advenced Menu/ AMD Overclocking menu it integrated with Ryzen Master and worked just fine with showing the stats for the Ryzen Master application.  For whatever reason, applying my OC settings through ASUS' AI Tweaker Tab does not work well with ryzen master.  good luck!