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Journeyman III

Ryzen master killed my system

Gee thanks amd. I tried your ryzen master. Ran it as admin to auto clock my system. And now it won’t boot to bios at all. Even trying to clear the cmos by jumping the pins isn’t helping. Thanks. You just **bleep**ing screwed my entire system 

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Big Boss

Have you seen the warning about using the CPU outside factory settings?


If you are uncomfortable about tinkering maybe you could've asked here in the forum. I'm no example since I push everything to the limits just for fun, but OC has its risks, even if they are very minimal nowadays.


Try power cycling the system or remove the CMOS battery for a couple of hours, worth a try. Do you have troubleshooting lights or 7 segment lcd to confirm CPU error? A small speaker for cheap connected to the board might help you hear the error code.


Good luck 

The Englishman
Adept II

Can u share MB and DDR details ?


OC can always run into problems, but not to worry, with few default settings you will be able to recover the system. 

Adept I

Did RM install itself and enable settings itself? I think your blame is misplaced, sir.


It was probably a frustration (I going to throw the PC through the window from the second story) post. 


What Motherboard Trouble LED is lit when it won't boot up?


Or Digital Trouble code?


If your motherboard has the BIOS FLASHBACK Button feature where you can update the BIOS with just power on use that to either install the current BIOS version back on or update the BIOS to a newer version.


If not see which Trouble LED or Digital code is showing?.


That is why it is best to always use BIOS to do any type of CPU configuration rather then depending on Ryzen Master. Ryzen Master is a great monitoring program and to make your CPU compatible with older games but not for configuring your CPU instead of using BIOS.

Thanks for saving my day.

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