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Journeyman III

Ryzen Master has different readings after CPU was reseated

Recently, my CPU fan started giving up the ghost. It really seemed to be on that last leg, so I was monitoring temps carefully on Monday while we were waiting on parts to arrive. I admit that I haven't often monitored my system, so I'm unsure of the norms for my system or in general. Regardless, while I was watching Ryzen Master's display of readings to keep an eye on the temp, I did notice a couple of the other readings in passing. 

Yesterday/Tuesday came and so did the items needed to retire my CPU fan. My son helped with the geekery at hand, as I'm blind as a bat. He installed the new CPU fan, turned it on and all was well. The only thing was, the CPU was reading about 10C hotter than it was with the failing fan at idle. The temps are still well within an acceptable range but we wanted to double check things, as this was the first CPU fan replacement he had done. He took it back apart and we discovered he added just a bit too much Artic MX-4 the first time, oops. As a result, when he took the new CPU fan back out, the CPU slipped out with it, as it was stuck to the heatsink. We're really not sure how it happened, is what it is though. He cleaned up the thermal paste, reseated the CPU, applied a more appropriate amount of Artic MX-4 this time and got everything back in place. 

This time when the system came up, it came up a bit slow, which worried me a bit, but it came up so there's that and we went back to Ryzen Master to monitor the temps. It's still running a bit hotter than it was pre the fan replacement. Before, with the failing fan, it was running around 48-53C at idle and now it's running at 57-61C at idle. The temp, as I said, is still in the acceptable range, so I'm trying not to be too concerned with it. However, with watching the readings, I've noticed that some of those other readings that caught my attention are now different too and I'm unsure as to why or even if it's anything I should be cornerned with. My PC is a prebuilt, which I don't so far regret, however, it's only almost 2 years old and we've already had to start replace failing parts over the last six months or so, which is why I'm likely overly cautious at this point. 

As for the different readings that I've noticed and am more or less asking about. Previous to the new CPU fan and the CPU accidently needing to be reseated, PPT was reading at 15% while idle, now it's reading at 31% during idle. I also noticed previously that the cores were mostly reading as, "Sleep" while idling. Of course one or two would wake up and have a slight reading here and there but then they'd go back to dreaming. Now however, the cores are all constantly active. So is this all normal or did something go wrong in reseating the CPU, etc? Thoughts?

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