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Journeyman III

ryzen hangs such that - even power and reset button wont work

I am a computer builder from India, so far i have built more than 300 very high end Intel Core i9 or AMD Ryzen 9.

For the last three to four years I've noticed that many of Ryzen PCs hangs quite unexpectedly. And I've experienced this with many Ryzens. Each system has a completely

  • different configuration,
  • different motherboards,
  • different RAM (Dual or Quad Channel with 64GB or 128GB, supported RAM modules and unsupported Modules, XMP and without XMP )
  • different graphics card,
  • different PSUs
  • different applications.

Mainly, PCs are not overclocked at all. Although we did overvoltage RAM a bit without overclocking it to test stability but that didn't help. We tried with loosen RAM timings but that didn't help too.

When this special hangs occurs then

  • BSOD does not come 
  • the system hangs like some video is paused on the screen,
  • the power and reset buttons of the chassis stop working
  • NUMBER and CAPS led of keyboard don't respond.

But system remain powered on, motherboard RGB keep glowing, Liquid Cooler and its fan keep spinning.  so one need to use power switch of the PSU or the main electrical power switch to total power off the PC. Yes, I have marked that I can more easily reproduce such hang while Corona render of 3DS is going on. but it should not be ignored that such PC hang also happen even while nothing heavy going on (CPU load is 2-3% and temperature is at very low side).

I first experienced this problem with the some Thread rippers 2990 then with many other 3950x  3970X and 5950x. You guys won't believe it but I wasted many precious months trying to solve this problem because some times it takes 3-4 days to hangs. My biggest guess so far is with Ryzen's memory management. We also sold some 7950X too but didn't face such issue till date but I am definitely not sure for future.

If someone can give me a proper solution for this, it will save lot of my clients and time.

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Big Boss

kalind, this is a user forum. I have seen no such behavior and suspect the MB with so little information. I do see users putting newer processors in older MBs and I suspect the VRM can’t cut the mustard. I suggest you open a AMD Support request here. Thanks and enjoy, John.


thank you very much for the reply.

before a year or so,  I was also suspecting VRM of the motherboard. it is very much likely that VRM should not the culprits. at least not in all cases. I want to share two main reason for that and I already shared one of the point in the main post.

1). most of the systems, which hanged like this certain way, have motherboards having at least 14+ VRM. and even just before hang occurs VRM temperature was in control everytime.

2). more is, even when there was no load and CPU utilization was around 2 to 3% .. CPU and vrm temperature was in total control ( around 40 celcius) .. even then such type of hang occured multiple time and in multiple systems.