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Journeyman III

Ryzen CPU BIOS Admin Password accidental change - How to bypass to BIOS menu?

Anyone know how to reset the CPU boot password? I set my own up and made sure not to be an idiot and forget.

Problem is, I went into bios menu with the goal of removing the password so my machine would boot right to windows menu, and that's where the trouble began. I stupidly (so maybe I am an idiot after all) clicked the first google link which advised you just need to enter your old password then click enter and the bios menu will prompt you to "disable" or make "inactive" the administrator password "inactive". The bios menu even reflected that i'd change the admin password from "active" to "inactive" (or something like that - I can't remember the exact verbiage used in the bios menu.

This brings me to part 2 of the problem: My original password no longer works, but there is still a password box prompt. I tried simply leaving said box empty thinking maybe that's how to bypass (i.e. I thought perhaps I reset my password to be nothing/blank so it'd just let me press enter once and then move me to windows menu... no such luck).


Problem 3: Pressing/Holding/spamming DEL won't take me to bios (that's always been what I use to get into bios in the past). Tried F2, F8, F12...then figured what the heck: i'll try all the F#s...nothing. CTRL+ALT+DELETE...nothing. Anyone have any insight here other than: "You should contact AMD support"? Although if that is the only way to navigate this, someone confirming that for me would still be helpful though it's not gonna be news i'm thrilled to receive... should've just left well enough alone, but instead here I sit with a tremendous amount of regret wondering what my password could be if I didn't enter a new password when deactivating (or so I thought) the original.

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Re: Ryzen CPU BIOS Admin Password accidental change - How to bypass to BIOS menu?

This Article mentions to do a CMOS CLEAR to erase the BIOS Password:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png