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Adept I

Ryzen compatible RAM

I can not find my RAM in the above list

my RAM model is TEAMGROUP ted416g3200c22bk 2*16gb DDR4 3200 CL22-22-22-52

I can boot the OS (win10) and run games but after a while all my games crash-freeze or force reboot the PC

is the RAM faulty and incompatible?



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Have you checked QVL listing for your board? 

If you suspect RAM at fault, download memtest and start a 2-4 hour stress test on them.

How did you set them on BIOS? 

Good Luck

The Englishman
Adept II

It does sound like a memory issue, but it could also be a system instability elseware as well. To rule out the memory, How to Geek has a "How to Test Your Computer’s RAM for Problems" article that walks you through how to use the built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic and Memtest86.

I would start by powering down the system, disconnecting the power and reseating the memory (removing and reinstalling the RAM modules, ensuring they are properly installed). This rules out a condition called "chip creep" that sometimes happens as a result of heating and cooling of hardware components and/or moving the system around physically. Sometimes it's appropriate to reseat the CPU as well, then do a memory test and see if the issue persists.


What motherboard?

What CPU?

XMP/DOCP enabled in BIOS or is set to auto?

Depending on the CPU .. the older the Ryzen, the more prone they were to run into "compatibility" issues with some RAM

IF your motherboard has 4 memory slots, be sure to install your RAM in slots A2/B2 (2nd and 4th slots away from the CPU socket)

Updating your motherboards BIOS can help resolve memory compatibility issues 

IF you are running with XMP enabled and are running a 1st or 2nd Gen Ryzen, then you'll have to dial back your memory settings or just leave on auto until you upgrade to 3000 series or newer Ryzen to run your memory at 3200

Have you looked in your systems Event Viewer for logged errors when your system crashes?

How are your temps?

IF you are running a sub par power supply .. that can cause system instability when under load

Have you tried running just one stick of RAM at a time for testing purposes

Do you have the latest AM4 chipset drivers installed from AMD's website?

...stuff to look at/try/do if you want

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