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Adept II

Ryzen BKDG or equivalent document still missing?

I need something equivalent to the BKDG, for Ryzen family.

The current document (the PPR) only lists MSRs, CPUID functions, APIC registers, and PMC events.

The older BKDGs also list things like MMIO space, IO Space functions, as well as detailed information about programming the various registers.

Specifically, I need to know where the control of P-states and temperature are located.  In the K15, they are in IO Space.  Are they in the same place on Ryzen, or have things been moved around?

The actual reason I need this is that the driver I'm writing is hanging the system, and I want to see if the P-state is running faster and/or the temp is increasing, so that I might pause the action of the driver for awhile if things get too high.

Is there going to be a BKDG for Ryzen?  Could you post a link to a draft version at least?  Or at least tell me if anything has changed regarding the Pstate and Thermal related registers?

Without this info, I'll have to try using the K15 mapping and see if that works.  If it doesn't, then I'll be at a loss to diagnose the system hang.

Please refer to my recent post about my specific Ryzen issue:

Ryzen freezes when using the IBS.  
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