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Journeyman III

Ryzen and Path of Exile - processor instability?

I upgraded my system earlier this year (around march, I think) to the following specs:

  • Ryzen 5 1600
  • MSI RX 480
  • MSI B350 pc mate (mother board)

I don't recall the ram I used but I can figure it out if necessary, I doubt it is related to this.

At the time I upgraded, I was using linux exclusively, and everything was fine. Rock-hard stability for months and months, and linux on my machine is still stable as can be. However I started dual booting Windows 10 so I could play Path of Exile (poe). Windows has been a very different story, however I will be focusing on my experience with instability in poe because it will be easier to analyze and the instability is most severe here. There is a reason why I am posting this here and not on the poe forums, so please don't be dismissive just because of that.

There are many ways in which poe crashes on my system, most often it throws this exception:, but sometimes it is something else like thousands of texture decoding exceptions without an actual crash, the process hanging and making both of my monitors go black for a few seconds (driver crash?), and sometimes it crashes so hard the window just instantly disappears.

I understand that it's a far stretch to blame the processor, but here are the circumstances and troubleshooting I have done that give me this hunch:

  • Reinstalled Win10
  • Used un-updated Win10 ISO
  • Currently on fully-updated system
  • Many GPU driver versions used in the 6+ months this has been happening
  • BIOS updates not helpful
  • Checked hardware for overheating (it isn't).
  • I have yet to find anyone else experiencing these problems in poe, but the game is far from obscure (low ryzen marketshare being the cause?)
  • There is no way to reproduce the crashes except for playing the game and waiting
  • In-game graphic settings have no effect on frequency of crashes from what I can tell

The only thing I think I have left to try is disabling SMT, which I will try to do today and update this post later. I am also contacting the poe developers to see what insight they might have, hopefully including what hardware they test poe on, and I will also try running memtest later, but again, if my ram was the problem, I should definitely have some problems on linux too, right?

Until then, can anyone else using ryzen verify if poe is unstable for them? The crashes can be very frequent, but sometimes I can go a couple hours without one, so a good amount of play time is necessary to test this. poe is free to play so anyone can help me test this as long as you have ryzen.

Edit: disabling SMT does not fix anything.

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