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Adept I

Ryzen 9 7950x3d still shutting down randomly, possibly overheating?

The problems I have 


Those problems have persisted as well as my multiple attempts to get Ryzen Master to initialize consistently are not working. I have BIOS updated the PC, to the most recent BIOS, 2413.


My CPU isa still idling at around 55, it will go to 80, and then jump up and then the PC will shut down. after updating the BIOS the max temp went up from 80 to now it shows 89 listed. but while it was operating below 89 it shut down again. 


The only time I have been able to initialize Ryzen Master is immediately after install. or when I uninstall the program, restart the program, reinstall, and then it has an initial boot install. I am not sure of other steps to take to get it to initialize consistently.


I am cautious about opening up the side of my PC and messing with the cooling. So I want to confirm the root cause before I attempt to toss things around. I was recommended to try OCCT. but I am not sure what settings to appropriately apply to test the system best to  identify the core problems. 


Any help is appreciated,  If you have any additional questions please ask. 

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